Treebo Hotels

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Treebo Hotels, India’s top-rated budget hotel, has over 400 hotels across 40 cities in India. Their call center handles reservations, confirmations, cancellations, inquiries, and other support issues.


Implementing self -service while ensuring smooth customer experience.


  • IVR identifies callers with prior bookings and diverts them to agents.
  • All other callers are diverted to self-service.
  • Callers can ask IVR for hotel location and hotel policy.
  • Conversational IVR answers these queries without human intervention.
  • Text to speech IVR platform is easy to update and scale.
  • IVR integrates with Central Reservation System.
  • This lets callers cancel and confirm bookings without human intervention.
  • Seamless CRM integration (Kapture) keeps the system auto-updated.


  • 13-14% calls are successfully handled by self-service
  • Cancellations and Confirmations take nearly 40% less time per transaction.
  • Speech to text IVR is easy to use, provides great customer experience

“Ozonetel has played a pivotal role in the shaping the workflow of guest and partner calls. With Ozonetel, we have a simplified solution for our call routing needs and with the advantage of cloud, we are wireless, highlight being seamless support when need be. However, with the growing number of calls and identified issue types, we would like Ozonetel to create a redundant workaround for know issue types.”
V Santosh
Head of Customer CareTreebo hotels

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