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We understand Food delivery Call center & food chain BPO challenges

You’re not alone. Food delivery business face unique challenges.
50% calls to Food delivery and ordering call centers are placed during mealtimes, meaning staffed agents are inundated with hundreds of calls within a very short window of time. Per agent pricing for call center solutions means you’re paying for people to sit idly once the rush is over.

The solution? Ozonetel, a unique, robust and flexible call center solution offering cloud-based telemarketing software that ensures you’re only paying for the services you’re using.
How Ozonetel helps your food delivery or restaurant/food chain BPO grow

Ozonetel works by focusing on providing call center software that increases productivity by streamlining the ordering process with customizable dashboards. Most of our clients have seen their uptime increase to 100% , operating costs reduced by 50%, and employees having the newfound ability to complete orders in under ten seconds. Keep reading to learn about more how Ozonetel can help your business today with part time agents, part time billing, or sign up for a free trial now.

Benefits of Ozonetel

Only pay for what you use

Unlike others, Ozonetel offers a unique part-time billing solution to ensure you only pay for the hours your agents are using our telemarketing software.

Telemarketing software your business requires

Our innovative, cloud based, telemarketing software and flexible pricing allow BPOs and call centers to slash their operating costs by 50%, so watch your profits and productivity sore like never before.

Custom dashboards

You need solutions as unique as your company. Our telemarketing software’s dashboards are 100% customizable to match your business’ needs, allowing your employees to work faster and more efficiently to care for more customers than ever.

100% uptime

Never pay for employee’s idle time again with our unique telemarketing software. Our standard solution offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, while large BPOs and food chains are given a dedicated server and fallbacks to guarantee a 100% uptime.

High agent utilization

Our intelligent telemarketing software is packed full of custom routing and automatic call distribution features. Our one-click disposition option allows agents to wrap their calls in less than ten seconds.

Fast, easy, no coding IVR customization

Instead of spending hundreds of hours coding, customers use our drag & drop IVR which allows them to design highly sophisticated and specialized multi-level IVRs without ever even thinking about coding. Create season greetings and limited offers in a flash.

With points of presence across the globe (VOIP and PSTN locations included)

We’re proud to have points of presence on every inhabited continent. Our solution operates in over 160 countries. We even work in areas with VOIP and PSTN-based restrictions.
We’re always working to expand our reach.

Ozonetel Call Center Software Features

Companies use our IVR blaster in innovative ways to engage, survey
and remind customers and prospects without wasting any staff-hours.
Open API

Seamlessly integrate our telemarketing software with your preexisting order management and CRM software. You’ll never need to worry about whether or not our software will work with what you’re already paying for.

Omnichannel routing

Unify the call center customer’s journey across voice and digital channels to allow a consistent experience for all of your customers, no matter what device they’re using to make on order.

Feedback IVR

Have your customers review their call center experience with our easy to use Interactive Voice Response survey so you can track how your employees are doing and what needs improvement.

Scale up or down easily

No more overpaying for staff you’re not using or constantly being understaffed. With our cost-effective pricing, you can easily adjust your program to match your needs.

Call center software that works for our customers

Learn how a national pizza delivery service uses our call center software to answer 19,600 calls a day with a 95% answer rate.

Amazing customer reviews

"A pleasant experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team at Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help, and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"Great Support Team"
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The customer support is the best in class.I wanted to thank you all for the excellent support we have gotten from your end. Rilin, always responsive and quick to action! Glad to be working with you!
"One-stop solution for all telephony requirements"
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Its not just a telephony dailer, The best part of this solution is we can design it based on our needs, A very intelligent system which keeps a track of everything, from IVR,Calls routing,Queue logic, Agents productivity,seamless integration with CRM and the best part is dynamic call prioritization...See More
"Ease of use"
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Ease of setup. I took over the Infra setup & I was not exposed to this setup earlier. But, few calls with the technical & account manager helped me answer all the questions and go live at the earliest.
"Advanced and an intensive solution that meets all requirements"
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Overall the software has helped in remotely monitoring and understanding the agent performance and the call center performance providing the much required insight
"Amazing product, great support team and excellent dashboards"
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overall experience with cloudagent has been extremely good and i will recommend it to other users with similar requirements
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