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Every year we focus on delivering the best features, services and support to our customers, consistently keeping us ahead of the competition in multiple categories. Ozonetel has been a Call Center, Auto Dialer & Predictive Dialer Front Runner. Ozonetel has also been in Capterra’s Top 20 Predictive dialers and has been an Auto dialer, Predictive Dialer & Call Center Category Leader for 4 consecutive years.

Boost outbound service calls & accelerate sales

How businesses use auto-dialers
Outbound calls
Outbound calls

Maximize your outbound sales teams' sales process through automated smart dialing software

customer support

Help your agents stay on top of the most recent lead generation updates with comprehensive notifications

Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a particularly useful auto dialer solution if you need to distribute work evenly across your call center agents

Prevent Escalation
Dial time restriction

Dial time restriction optimizes call answering by using area and country code information to identify the best calling times for each time zone

Outbound calls
Answer machine detection

Built-in answering machine detection (AMD) helps your call center agents save time by allowing your auto dialer system to automatically disconnect once an answering machine is detected

customer support
Auto dial list upload

Ozonetel's API driven auto dialing software allows for easy contact list uploads from your CRM of choice

Agent skill-based dialing

Maximize agent performance through skill-based routing to match call center agents with specific skills to specific customers

Prevent Escalation
Voice broadcasting

Utilize voice broadcasting technology to send bulk voice calls to a variety of target audiences

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What auto dialing software can do for you

No hardware, installation or IT support required. Login and start dialing right away
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1. Set up your campaign

Choose the phone number you want to be visible to your prospects.

2. Upload call list

Upload list with prospects names and numbers

3. Choose agents or IVR

Select which group of agents will handle the campaign, or set up an IVR to robocall.

4. Connect!

Your auto dialer will now keep connecting your agents or IVR to live prospects till your campaign is complete.

Which Auto Dialer Mode is the best fit?

Select from four auto-dialing modes as per your campaign needs.
Predictive Dialer

Fastest dialing mode

Predictive dialer

In predictive dialer mode, an algorithm estimates agent availability and minimizes downtime between calls in order to maximize agent utilization. our Predictive Dialer deal for 1000+ calls per day,  when database quality is low, or when agent productivity is a priority. Use predictive dialing for telecalling, telemarketing, and cold calling processes.

Progressive Dialer

A balance of speed & efficiency

Progressive dialer

Progressive dialers call one phone number after another sequentially, ensuring agents’ availability before the call is answered. Use it for medium to large databases when data quality and conversion value is high. Popular for sales calls in banking, insurance, and real estate.

Preview Dialer

Review details before calling

Preview dialer

With a Preview Dialer, agents get time to carefully review customer information and requirements. Use it when the revenue generated per call is very high, or when customer requirements vary from case to case. Ideal for inbound sales processes where agents can carefully review customer information before connecting to the lead.


Broadcast automated messages

IVR dialer

An IVR dialer dials all phone numbers on a list simultaneously and relays a personalized, pre-recorded message. Press 1 functionality lets you collect responses. You can also use this dialer to connect with a voice bot or conversational IVR. Use it to notify customers, or remind them about appointments, pending payments, due dates, or renewal dates.

See it in action

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Automated dialer features

Ozonetel Auto dialers come packed with every tool and feature you need to run a successful outbound campaign.
Pacing ratio

Let supervisors set pacing ratios to maximize agent productivity based on the agent’s historical call-handling statistics, wait time, and SLAs.

Seamless CTI

Seamlessly integrate with almost any ready-made or homegrown CRM to boost productivity.

Live monitoring & reports

View or listen-in to live agent activity; and get real-time reports on the data uploaded, dialed, and pending in each campaign.

Flexible number format

Our dialers accept all phone number formats so you needn’t waste time editing before uploading.

Flexible dial logic

Switch from customer-first to agent-first dialing whenever data quality is low.

Retry scheduling

Specify when and how many times to retry unanswered numbers with our easy logic engine.

Answering machine detection

Skip answering machines to connect agents only to live prospects.


Quickly automate & personalize IVR messages

Call recordings

Automatically record every call and view it alongside prospect data in your CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

An auto dialer, or auto dialer software, is a common tool featured in most call center software used to automate the process of calling telephone numbers. This is a particularly useful tool for  sales teams across various industries such as  eCommerce and  financial services where maximizing the volume of  outbound calls is essential for sales team success. Auto dialers are also particularly helpful for  cold calling.

Auto dialer software works by utilizing advanced automation technology to call phone numbers from a provided list. Once a call is answered, the auto dialer software will connect the sales or customer service agent to the receiving phone-line. Auto dialer software is immensely helpful for call center operations that conduct large volumes of  outbound calls per day.

The top auto dialer software will offer scalability, flexibility of features, smart automated dialing modes, and an API that makes CRM integration fast and easy. The best auto dialer software will also provide different dialing modes such as preview dialing, power dialing, and even the flexibility to choose manual dialing support. Some other key features would be call recording and marketing automation.

Auto dialer software isn’t just a tool to simply automate calling phone numbers from a provided list. The  best auto dialer softwares are packed with features that optimize your outbound calling goals. Some features include list filtering, unproductive number detection, and integrations with popular CRMs.

Auto dialers are legal to use in the United States for calling landlines with or without the consent of the call’s receiver. According to the  FCC Actions on Robocalls, all automated and prerecorded calls or texts to a cell phone are illegal without the explicit written consent of the recipient.

Please research the respective laws of your recipient’s country related to auto dialers before conducting any form of automated communication.

Automating phone calls is very easy to do if you invest in a quality auto dialer software. Auto dialers allow you to automatically call phone numbers from a provided call list and they can even provide advanced features such as unproductive number detection, time zone management, and callback scheduling amongst other useful features.

In the United States, the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) strictly prohibits the use of auto dialers when calling cell phones.

A cloud based auto dialer is a virtual tool used to conduct large volumes of outbound calls automatically. Cloud based auto dialers offer many benefits over traditional auto dialers because they are easy to implement, scalable, and do not require expensive IT teams to maintain them.

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"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"Great Support Team"
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The customer support is the best in class.I wanted to thank you all for the excellent support we have gotten from your end. Rilin, Always responsive and quick to action! Glad to be working with you!
"One Stop solution for all telephony requirements"
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Its not just a telephony dailer, The best part of this solution is we can design it based on our needs, A very intelligent system which keeps a track of everything, from IVR,Calls routing,Queue logic, Agents productivity,seamless integration with CRM and the best part is dynamic call prioritization...See More
"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
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