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Advanced features

Ai Based Self Service
AI-based self service

AI-based bots offer self-service and manage L1 queries.

sticky agent
Sticky agents

Autoroute customers to the same agent each time to create unmatched customer loyalty.

agenst assist
Agent assist

AI-based assistants help agents wrap calls and chats faster.

Why use omnichannel routing?

Ozonetel’s Omnichannel Routing offers unmatched advantages for growing businesses
Route by skill not channel

Ozonetel offers multiple ways of routing calls and chats that you ensure every query is handled by an expert best suited for the job.

Supercharge efficiency with blended mode

Manage more channels with the same team by letting the same agents handle chats and calls.

CX hub
Unify customer journeys

Ozonetel’s CX hub auto logs every customer interaction within your CRM, so that you maintain a unified view of your customer. Customers never need to repeat information when they interact with your business, irrespective of which channel they use.

Channels we support

Ozonetel works with almost any digital channel
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