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The Lead Response Management Study ( shows that:

Our cloud-based software increases conversions and accelerates your sales cycle. It gives your managers the tools to set up strict business rules that maximize lead turnaround times.

Why do you need an inbound sales solution?

The days of pounding the pavement for leads are thankfully long gone. Today’s sales professional relies on inbound marketing methods to generate leads. To operate at scale, you need an effective inbound lead management solution. Ozonetel inside sales call center software offers inbound call distribution, routing, and follow-up at scale.

Our dialers integrate with your CRM to automate lead follow-up.

Ozonetel for inbound sales

Ozonetel inside sales call center software is a complete solution that manages inbound and outbound sales campaigns.
Consolidated desktop

Agents can view customer information and add notes in the same window they receive calls. Stop chasing information and focus on closing deals. Conversations between customers and agents are more efficient, more engaging, and more profitable.

Call logging & recording

Automatically log and record calls into your CRM. Train your call center agents from thousands of recorded conversations. Identify their strong points and pinpoint areas they can improve.

70+ performance reports

Managers can track their team's performance and address problems as they arise. Channel the right training to every call center agent. Exceed your sales quotas.

Live call monitoring

Supervisors can monitor agent conversations in real-time. They can take control of the conversation when needed. Maintain control over the quality of conversations and increase your conversion rates.

Warm transfer of calls

Agents can transfer calls smoothly over to their supervisor or other departments. Never drop a lead.

Power dialer

Utilize sales resources effectively. Work with a large number of leads. A preview dialer helps your agents review customer information. A predictive dialer generates high volumes of calls. Quickly scale your outbound and inbound campaigns.

SMS messaging

Follow up your calls with an automated text message. Keep your prospects engaged. Increase your conversions.


Protect your customers' privacy by masking sensitive information. Your agents only see the information they need. Increase trust and comply with data privacy laws.

Inbound call management

Ozonetel inside sales call center software is a complete inbound call management solution that includes an auto-attendant, call routing and automated call distribution.

Why Ozonetel?

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"A pleasant experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team at Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help, and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"Great Support Team"
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The customer support is the best in class.I wanted to thank you all for the excellent support we have gotten from your end. Rilin, always responsive and quick to action! Glad to be working with you!
"One-stop solution for all telephony requirements"
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Its not just a telephony dailer, The best part of this solution is we can design it based on our needs, A very intelligent system which keeps a track of everything, from IVR,Calls routing,Queue logic, Agents productivity,seamless integration with CRM and the best part is dynamic call prioritization...See More
"Ease of use"
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Ease of setup. I took over the Infra setup & I was not exposed to this setup earlier. But, few calls with the technical & account manager helped me answer all the questions and go live at the earliest.
"Advanced and an intensive solution that meets all requirements"
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Overall the software has helped in remotely monitoring and understanding the agent performance and the call center performance providing the much required insight
"Amazing product, great support team and excellent dashboards"
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overall experience with cloudagent has been extremely good and i will recommend it to other users with similar requirements
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Frequently Asked Questions defines Inside Sales as “remote sales”. It’s professional sales done remotely or virtually. Not to be confused with telemarketing, together with its negative connotations. Inside sales professionals sell high-ticket products and services. They use a multi-touch, non-scripted approach to closing sales.

No one answer fits all situations. It depends on factors such as your target market, your buyer profile, the number of leads, or the campaign you’re working on. It may be more effective to make 12 calls per day to C-Suite executives than make 100 calls to departmental managers. It depends on your objectives. Ozonetel inside sales call center software provides real-time reports on data uploaded, dialed, and pending in each campaign. So you can make data-driven decisions on the best approach to take for your campaign.

Yes and no. You may have heard some rumors that cold calling is dead. What this means in practice is that today’s inside sales professional has access to much more information than their colleagues before them ever did. Your prospects have read your content long before you’ve reached them. You’ll also have to read your prospect’s LinkedIn profile before you call them. So in that sense, it’s a warm call.

But, then again, you may be calling someone you’ve never spoken with before. So in this sense, it’s a cold call. Ozonetel inside sales call center software integrates with your CRM so they operate as one unit. Your agents can view prospect data and add notes in the same window in which they make and receive calls.