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Delivering contact center innovation since 2007

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This is our story

Ozonetel was founded in 2007 by an experienced team of technologists and entrepreneurs. Our full-stack customer experience software was built from the ground up to solve the practical problems that keep call centers worldwide from making the most of their communications platform.

We are known for developing and launching the first cloud-based customer experience platform in the Indian marketplace. Since then, unparalleled customer support and constant AI innovation continue to set us apart as we’ve grown to create a global impact.

2000 +
Enterprise Clients
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2 Billion

Today, we give SMBs and large-scale companies in the U.S. access to affordable, flexible, self-service contact center platform. We offer the industry’s fastest deployment times and easiest CRM, helpdesk, and auto-dialer integrations.

What we care about

Vision & Mission
We see a future where contact centers of all sizes have the technology and support they need to focus on delivering a great customer and agent experience.

We are committed to providing a fully integrated, modern customer experience platform that eliminates the delays, hassles, and high costs associated with traditional contact center software.