Every call answered in 10 seconds or less

A customer-centric eCommerce business ensures that 95% of calls are answered in less than 10 seconds while ensuring 30% higher agent efficiency.


Big Basket has achieved milestones that very few start-ups have. Their almost maniacal approach toward customer satisfaction has led to it becoming India’s most successful eCommerce business within seven short years. Here is the story of how their call center fits into this customer-centric model, spurring high customer loyalty and growth.


Big Basket had four main goals they wanted to achieve. Firstly, they wanted to ensure that every customer call is answered by a human voice within seconds. Secondly, they wanted to make use of data gathered during every call. Thirdly, they wanted to ensure that regular, loyal customers get extra special treatment. For instance, loyal customers are connected to a call center agent faster than others. Finally, they wanted to optimize agent productivity.


Using data to ensure better service

As an eCommerce business, Big Basket wanted to reward customer loyalty with improved customer service. They wanted to ensure that, while no customer should wait more than 10 seconds to get a response, “preferred customers” would get even faster service. To do this, they used our intelligent call routing options to create a dynamic call prioritization. This would bump calls from those tagged “very important” up the call queue so that these customers would never have to wait more than 10 seconds to get connected to a live agent.

Ozonetel’s CRM integration capabilities ensured that whenever a customer called, the agent would automatically see all relevant information. This meant that customers did not need to repeat or give agents details of their previous purchases or complaints. Callers felt they were speaking to someone who understood them and knew them, and this led to a highly personalized, excellent customer experience.

The CRM integration also helped to boost productivity. With all the details in hand, calls were being resolved faster. This reduced Average Handle Time from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes per call, all while delivering a better CSAT.

Accelerated response time

By shortening the IVR and using skill prioritization, it was possible to better manage the workforce and ensure that every call is answered by a human voice within ten seconds.

Optimized agent productivity

Ozonetel created a custom dashboard for floor managers to manage a large number of call agents. When an agent showed unusually high idle times, their names would automatically appear at the top of the monitoring dashboard. This would alert the floor manager to quickly sort out any problems that might have caused this lag. 

Key benefits

  • Ensured that over 95% of calls are answered within 10 seconds; 99.67% of VIP calls were answered in under 10 seconds
  • Reduced Average Handle Time from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes per call
  • Enabled 70% agent productivity — an industry-best
  • Scaled up from 7-8 agents (2011) to 700 (2018) on the same platform
  • Wanted human, voice-first support for all calls
  • Difficulty in gathering call data
  • Lack of personalized support
Tools & Features Used
  • Skill routing
  • Deep CRM integration
  • Improved agent monitoring
Key Results Achieved
  • 95% of calls are answered within 10 seconds
  • Reduced Average Handle Time
  • Achieved 70% more agent productivity
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