Simplifying order taking across the country

Using our solution, a BPO for a large pizza delivery chain in the U.S. answers 19,600 calls daily with over 95% answer rates.


Customer support for a busy pizza delivery chain 

Order-taking is a high-pressure job. The industry faces high call volumes daily, especially on the weekends and holidays. Besides, to manage costs, the calls must be sent to remote offices and handled extremely efficiently. With Ozonetel’s call center solution, the team is managing 80-90% agent utilization and 95-100% answer rates. 


Due to its high call volumes, even a 5-minute downtime can have a huge negative impact. Agents need tools to manage and wrap calls efficiently. Moreover, the call center needs to operate seamlessly across geographies.


Enabling 100% uptime

The pizza chain uses the Ozonetel CloudAgent — a cloud call center solution – to seamlessly distribute calls to remote call center agents. We added a dedicated server to ensure 100% uptime. 

One-click dispositions

When every second counts, you need tools to supercharge efficiency. We created a Custom Screen-pop URL so that the team could view bookings across the company websites in one place. We also added a One-click Disposition option to enable agents to wrap their calls in 10 seconds or less.

Managing time zones with Drag & Drop IVR 

The pizza brand’s stores operate in different time zones across the United States. This means that every time a new store is added, you need to customize the IVR. Additionally, during holidays and weekends, the stores might want some additional seasonal greetings and messages.

For the first two months, Ozonetel acted as a managed call center for the pizza chain. Every IVR was created and managed by our team. Eventually, we transitioned the team to a self-service IVR. They can use the drag-and-drop interface to create a new IVR or edit the current IVR — without any help from their IT teams.

Key benefits

  • Stable environment with 100% uptime
  • Easy to scale up or down with cost-effective pricing
  • Remote working made simple
  • Customized Self-Service IVR for enhanced customer experience
  • Agent efficiency improvement
  • Seamless work-from-home transition 
  • 80-90% agent utilization and 95-100% answer rates on inbound
  • High call volumes
  • Inefficient call disposition
  • Maintaining high uptime throughout
  • Scaling challenges
Tools & Features Used
  • 1-click disposition
  • Drag & drop IVR
Key Results Achieved
  • 100% Uptime
  • Efficient remote working enabled
  • 80-90% agent utilization
  • Achieved 95-100% answer rates
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