Enterprise Capital

Cloud platform gives Enterprise Capital’s customers direct access to agents anywhere, anytime with Zoho CRM integration to log and track all calls.


Enterprise Capital (bizcred.com) is a lending marketplace that helps business owners grow with equipment financing and working capital loans. The team is made up of members carefully selected for their deep knowledge of the industries their clients represent. Each agent builds strong relationships with clients and provides personalized solutions. 


Enterprise Capital’s clients were accustomed to a high level of personal attention. They often called assigned representatives directly, either on their extension numbers or mobile phones. Enterprise Capital needed a business phone solution that could support these personalized interactions while deeply integrating with Zoho CRM. Additionally, Enterprise Capital had already purchased several SIP trunks with multiple DID numbers. They wanted a solution that wouldn’t require changing telecom providers.


Direct, personal interactions maintained

Ozonetel’s cloud solution allows agents to remain available and looped in even when not at their desks. The system automatically redirects calls to mobile devices while masking agents’ personal phone numbers for privacy. 

All activities easily logged & tracked 

Every call is now tracked on a single platform and automatically logged into the Zoho CRM, making it easy to track, add notes, stay organized, and follow up. This integrated approach provides visibility into team performance while reducing after-call work. 

Existing telecom investment kept in place

Ozonetel’s solution enables advanced front-end features such as IVR, Skill Hunting, Mobile Call Forwarding, and Reports & Analytics while keeping Enterprise Capital’s existing telecom provider on the back end. 

Key benefits

  • Zoho integration for improved productivity 
  • More effective lead management
  • 24/7 agent availability from anywhere
  • 100% call tracking and logging
  • “Bring your own trunk” platform flexibility
  • Up and running fast (2 business days)

Customer comments Not only are the Ozonetel telephony products highly integratable into our CRM with special workflows to automate processes, the technology is reliable and well-priced. The team is great. Meraj and Shane have helped us to no end to make sure everything is deployed just right and working flawlessly. It’s rare to find a product and support this good. We’ve been with them for years now and will continue to rely on them to scale our operations. Thanks again guys!.” – Josh Phelps, CEO, Enterprise Capital

  • Absense of deep CTI integration with Zoho
  • Difficulty maintaining personalized interactions
  • Unwilling to change telecom carrier
Tools & Features Used
  • Zoho integration
  • Bring your own carrier” functionality
  • Self-service IVR
Key Results Achieved
  • 24/7 agent availability
  • Effective lead management
  • Improved productivity & rapid scaling
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