How Healthcare at Home streamlined Home Care for patients with Ozonetel’s Contact Center Solution

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HealthCare at Home (HCAH) is no stranger to tough cases. With over 4,00,000 patients served in India alone, this outpatient-focused healthcare service provider has changed the dialog about what constitutes effective care and helped patients achieve lasting wellness from home. By providing more than 70 percent of clinical services from home, including complex procedures like cancer care and ICU setup, HCAH gives patients and their families more options for high-quality, dependable care.

When COVID-19 struck, the HCAH team had their work cut out for them. The only problem was that lockdown restrictions and skyrocketing cases led to serious communication challenges, including a lack of coordination, higher workloads, rampant misinformation, and dwindling patient engagement. So how did the provider overcome the odds and continue to provide exemplary healthcare?

The Ozonetel solution

Fortunately, HCAH had a major ace up its sleeve: Ozonetel’s contact centers and helplines with a variety of features. 

In a matter of days, HCAH went from wondering how it would bridge the patient-provider communication gap to handling prescriptions, conducting follow-up check-ins, and delivering accurate reports that kept government decision-makers informed. What’s more, it was able to sustain these efforts as time went on, keeping patients engaged and improving the dissemination of crucial care knowledge.

COVID was an evolving crisis, so Ozonetel devised and implemented an adaptable, scalable approach to fighting back, including:

  • Ultra-rapid deployment: Ozonetel set up a COVID helpline number using its Cloud Agent platform to help HCAH connect patients to governments in Delhi, Karnataka, and Punjab as well as deploy independent agents in just a few days.
  • Continuous, enhanced omnichannel patient engagement: HCAH knew it had to serve COVID patients reliably – no matter how they preferred to get their healthcare information. With Ozonetel, the provider was able to connect doctors and nurses with patients directly to provide sustained care and eradicate misunderstandings.
  • Simplified monitoring and effortless government reporting: Healthcare data can be tough to manage under the best of circumstances. Ozonetel’s secure platform made it easier to handle the overwhelming surge in volume with improved monitoring and more consistent patient data maintenance. This streamlined solution worked so effectively that HCAC was able to keep the government updated with daily status reports that improved the nationwide response.

Key takeaways for improved care delivery

By using Ozonetel to minimize deployment lead times and improve the patient experience, HCAH was able to triumph during the pandemic without missing a beat. Thanks to a team of dedicated account managers who specialize in lightning-fast responses, the healthcare provider built an enterprise-scale solution in record time and at a sustainable cost. Best of all, it leveraged communication automation and seamless integration with government systems to keep Indians better-informed and better equipped to make it through a global crisis – without neglecting the human elements that are critical to provider-patient interaction and improved caregiving outcomes. 

“I appreciate the role Ozonetel has played in making HCAH processes tech-enabled. At the time when HCAH had to handle scale, Ozonetel stood by our side to give us the support which saved lakhs of lives. The nimbleness with which the team responded to that crisis was truly remarkable.”

Dr. Gaurav Thukral

Chief Operating Officer, HealthCare at Home

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