CISCO Integration

Ozonetel’s call center solutions enable salon staff to remind customers of their next pampering session.


A salon/spa line provides personal grooming services and understands exactly how important it is to pamper their customers while making them feel safe and comfortable. The staff members need to make sure that customers are ready for their appointment by having a phone consultation before scheduling a service. Staff members build strong relationships with each customer and call them regularly to book appointments using our CRM integrated solution.


A personal grooming salon’s customers naturally prefer discretion and a high level of personal attention. When customers call to make appointments, they appreciate it if the staff is aware of their previous sessions and knows which technician usually takes care of their sessions. Repeat customers like to be reminded of discount offers and new services as soon as they become available. Salons need a contact center solution that can support these personalized interactions while deeply integrating with their CRM.


Proactive personalized support

Ozonetel’s cloud solution deeply integrates with a spa and salon CRM solution. The system reminds agents when to call repeat customers. Agents use click-to-call features directly from the CRM window and remind the customers of their next session. Thanks to our integrated solution, agents can securely view relevant customer information on their dashboard, which makes it easy for them to make recommendations while on the call.

All activities easily logged & tracked 

Every call is tracked on a single platform and automatically logged into the CRM, making it easy to track, add notes, stay organized, and follow up.

No infrastructure or equipment costs incurred 

Ozonetel’s cloud solution does not require you to purchase new tools and spend time teaching your agents how to use them.

Key benefits

  • CRM integration enables better customer experience
  • Effective appointment-scheduling
  • 24/7 agent availability from anywhere
  • 100% call tracking and logging
  • Quick, painless setup

  • No unified view of customer data
  • Lack of personalized communication
  • Poor operational flexibility with PBX system
Tools & Features Used
  • Unified Window
  • Click-to-call
  • Screenpop integration
  • Reports & Analytics
Key Results Achieved
  • 100% Call tracking
  • Auto call logging in Zoho CRM
  • Reduced average call handle time
  • Improved CSAT
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