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Call center software from Ozonetel is specifically designed to boost sales and customer service agent performance while giving control and visibility to managers. Some of our most innovative solutions include a modern IVR for a more proactive inbound calling experience, CRM integrations with popular softwares like Hubspot and Salesforce, and industry leading features such as smart routing & ACD and advanced sentiment analysis.

inboud support
Inbound Support Solution

Boost service levels with our inbound call center solution

outbound service sale
Outbound Service & Sales

Connect faster with our outbound dialers and more

omnichannel interaction
Omnichannel Solutions

Add and manage your digital channels with ease

Boost agent productivity & accelerate response times

We’re proving call center software can be better

instant cloud setup
Easy to scale up or down

With our instant cloud setup and per agent pricing, you can reduce fixed costs and get the flexibility to scale up and down with ease.

Adapts to your business needs

Adapt our computer telephony integration to your existing systems with our open library of APIs for unmatched custom flows, integration with PBX, or even your existing SIP trunk. Plus get ready integrations with almost any CRM or business solution.

Integrated your CRM
setup ACD & call routing
Consultative like no other

At Ozonetel, you get 24/7 attention from customer support teams. An expert will guide you from picking out a product until you are up and running. You will also receive training and onboarding at no extra cost.

Ozonetel has helped us maximize agent productivity, increase customer contact rate, easily create multiple campaigns, minimize and track idle time. It’s easy to use, at a fair rate, and their support team is terrific.

Alexsa Torres | Sr. Director, Quality & Customer Experience at RPA Energy


What to look for in the best call center software

Modern IVR

Reduce cost per customer with self-service and multi-level IVR options.

Smart Routing & ACD

Accelerate responses with sophisticated routing & automatic call distribution.

Automated Recordings

Auto record calls and view recordings against customer tickets for easy tracking.

Sophisticated Monitoring

Boost performance with live monitoring, sentiment analysis, Whisper & Barge-in tools.

Mobile App

Enable work from anywhere while tracking every call.

Seamless CTI

Easy access to customer information for better conversations and customer interactions.

Multiple Auto Dialers

Speed up every campaign with a choice of predictive & progressive dialers

CRM Integrations
CRM Integrations

Improve conversions with seamless CRM integrations.

Real-Time Reports

Monitor performance across multiple campaigns with ease.

Data Security

Ensure customer privacy by masking customer phone numbers

Click to Call

Sales reps click to call prospects from their CRM

Call Recordings

Call recordings are automatically recorded and logged.

Social Media & Messaging

Quickly respond to customers on Twitter, Facebook,

WhatsApp & SMS

Offer support and proactive messaging on a channel customers love

Conversational AI

Intelligent bots ensure fast responses 24/7.


Intelligently route and distribute chats and calls amongst your agents

Unified Window

One window for agents to answer chats, calls, & messages.

Seamless CTI

Agents see customer data on every conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call center software is a tool used to boost the performance of sales and customer service agents through solution-based features such as automating inbound and outbound calling procedures, consolidating omnichannel operations, and offers modern solutions to common customer interactions. Features such as call monitoring, interactive voice response (IVR), and auto dialers are some of the most fundamental offerings that are provided by top-rated call center softwares.

If you are wondering about how to choose the right call center software there are a few things to keep in mind. The best call center software is one that is purpose-built for your specific needs. Before choosing a call center solution, make sure it offers the tools you need for your sales or customer service teams to succeed. Some questions to keep in mind when choosing a call center software are the following:

Does it integrate with your current CRM?

Can it scale with your company as your sales or customer service team grows?

Does it offer a comprehensive package of tools and features such as a modern IVRACD, Auto Dialers, Automated Recordings, among other features?

Does it offer a virtual or cloud-based solution?


A virtual call center, also known as a cloud call center, is a contact center that utilizes call center software to allow teams to work in a remote, flexible, environment that is not bound to a singular location such as an office. 

The best call center CRM is one that has a history of great reviews, a wide variety of compatible integrations, and a dedicated support team that is easily accessible to address any questions you or your agents may have.

A cloud-based call center software is an excellent investment for any business looking to reduce costs incurred from common expenses related to managing a call center office and managing an IT team. Cloud-based call centers are also much more reliable and can be deployed much faster than a traditional call center.

A call center tends to focus on phone calls or voice-related communications. A contact center is a broader term used for a call center that uses various forms of communication such as email, chat bots, social media, etc. Another term that is commonly used in contact centers is “omnichannel communication”.

Amazing customer reviews

"A pleasant experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team at Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help, and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"Great Support Team"
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The customer support is the best in class.I wanted to thank you all for the excellent support we have gotten from your end. Rilin, always responsive and quick to action! Glad to be working with you!
"One-stop solution for all telephony requirements"
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Its not just a telephony dailer, The best part of this solution is we can design it based on our needs, A very intelligent system which keeps a track of everything, from IVR,Calls routing,Queue logic, Agents productivity,seamless integration with CRM and the best part is dynamic call prioritization...See More
"Ease of use"
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Ease of setup. I took over the Infra setup & I was not exposed to this setup earlier. But, few calls with the technical & account manager helped me answer all the questions and go live at the earliest.
"Excellent Performance"
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Accuracy and appropriate data available in detail
"Advanced and an intensive solution that meets all requirements"
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Overall the software has helped in remotely monitoring and understanding the agent performance and the call center performance providing the much required insight
"Amazing product, great support team and excellent dashboards"
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overall experience with cloudagent has been extremely good and i will recommend it to other users with similar requirements
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