Tripling capacity with automation

A fast-growing logistics business has 40% better operational efficiency and 4X faster customer responses with Ozonetel.


A fast-growing logistics business had a vision: to ensure accessibility not only to their customers — some of the country’s largest e-commerce platforms — but also to their customers’ customers.  They understood the importance of personalized communication for each of these customers. Sometimes, people needed reassurance or confirmation of delivery times. At other times, they needed to reschedule deliveries. In all these cases, our client wanted to ensure that every single customer could reach out to them with ease. 


In order to achieve their goals, our client needed to ensure faster responses across high call volumes. They needed to smoothly manage 83,000 incoming queries daily — without leaving any customers unattended.



Automating 60% of calls while staying focused on customer experience

Ozonetel helped the logistics business move its support team to our robust, feature-packed Cloud Contact Center. With the help of automated routing, multi-level IVR, and SMS plugins, we were able to create an optimum solution. 

  • The new IVR design gave customers status updates and let them reschedule deliveries without any agent intervention. 
  • Callers could opt for self-pickup via IVR and would receive the address of the nearest pick-up point via an automated SMS text.

Graciously managing misdirected calls

Sometimes, customers would wrongly call the logistics support center with product complaints. In such cases, they needed to be told to call the merchant’s call center instead. Our client wanted to do more than just tell the customer that they had the wrong phone number. Using Ozonetel, they set up a system that would automatically match the merchant details against the customer’s order number and send them to the customer via an SMS text to their mobile phone. This made it easy for the customers to call the right number and increased satisfaction regarding our client’s service.

Reducing detractors and improving customer service

Finally, genuine customer complaints and issues regarding our client’s service (which made up less than 3% of total calls) were directed to live agents. Now, with more time to focus on these calls, agents are able to serve unhappy customers with far more attention and time. This means that the call center is now playing a valuable role in reducing detractors and improving customer loyalty.

Key benefits

  • 3x better call handling capacity
  • 4x shorter customer wait times
  • 3.5x lower cost per customer
  • 40% better operational efficiency
  • Improved escalation measurement and tracking
  • High call volumes
  • Poor call handling
  • High call abandonment rate
Tools & Features Used
  • Skill-based routing
  • Multi-level IVR
  • SMS plugins
Key Results Achieved
  • 3X Better Call Handling Capacity
  • 4X Lesser Customer Wait Times.
  • 3.5X Lesser Costs per Customer
  • 40% Better Operational Efficiency
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