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Agent Dashboard

Available in all Ozonetel Solutions
Call Controls
One-click mute, hold, warm transfer, and blind transfer features.
Customized Hold Music
Let customers listen to hold music or customized messages when on hold
Click to Call
Agents can click to call customers and prospects from their existing dashboard or from within their CRM.
Agents automatically view relevant customer or prospect data during calls.
Call Forwarding
Calls can be auto-transferred to an agent’s mobile phone or landline at home or in the office.
Offline Agents
Agents can revive or make calls without login.

IVR Features

Available in all Ozonetel Solutions
Drag & Drop Interface
Build and modify complex IVRs without wiring a single line or code.
Self Service
Give callers the option of self-service via IVR
Conversational IVR
Use speech recognition and AI to let customers carry out simple conversations with your IVR

Routing and ACD

Available in all Ozonetel Solutions
Skill routing
Quickly route calls to the right agent or department.
Automated call distribution
Divide calls equally amongst your agents based on idle times.
After Hour Calls
Divert calls that arrive after work hours to agents in another time zone, IVR, or voice mail
Sticky Agent
Customer calls can be auto routed to their account or relationship manager
Instead of keeping callers waiting in a queue, reroute them to fallback agents, or offer voice mail and/or callbacks.
Priority Routing
Integrate your ACD with your CRM to personalize how you respond to different customer segments.

Management & Analytics

Available in all Ozonetel Solutions
Live monitoring
View agent performance, call queues, and campaign performance in real-time
Barge-in. Snoop & Whisper
Supervisors can silently join ongoing calls to identify training needs or help struggling agents.
Call Recordings
All calls are recorded and stored against customer ticket

CTI integration Features

Available in all Ozonetel Solutions
Click to call
Click to call from within your CRM
Unified Window
Call dashboard opens within the CRM.
Screen pops
The system automatically retrieves relevant customer info from the CRM on incoming and outgoing calls.
Auto Logging
A new ticket is generated for all incoming calls from unknown numbers or auto-logged against existing tickets.
Advanced API
Open APIs are available for advanced customization

Power Dialers

Available in Call Center Solution, Sales Dialer, and CX Hub
Predictive dialer
Uses an algorithm to predict& how many calls to dial per agent.
Power Dialer
Dials one phone number after the next, sequentially to connect agents to call recipients.
IVR dialer
Outbound IVR blasts to large databases.

Omnichannel Routing

Available in CX Hub
Automatically distribute both calls and chats to the right agent in the right department
Blended Window
In blended view, the same agents can easily answer both calls or chats
Digital Channels
Interact on WhatsApp, Live Webchat, Facebook, twitter and more

AI-Based Features

Available only in CX hub
Build a chatbot without writing a single line of code.
Voice Bots
Use AI to answer and speak to customers naturally.
Speech Analytics
Use AI to analyze and monitor customer sentiment and conversational quality on every call and chat.
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IVR Features

Multi-Level IVR
Get call context and guide your caller to the right department or deliver self service
Drag & Drop IVR Designer
Build or change your multi-level IVR and self-service in minutes, with no help from IT
Conversational IVR
Our AI can understand mutli lingual user languages with 92% accuracy

Queue & Routing Features

Skill Routing
Route skills to the right agent using our skill-based routing
Warm & Blind Transfer
Transfer calls to another agent, supervisor, or external party
Omnichannel Routing
Distribute your incoming calls, chats, and social media messages with our automatic call/chat distributor

Dialer Features

Manual Dialer
Agents can dial phone numbers from their Ozonetel dashboard
Predictive Dialer
Automatically dial calls and connect agents to live calls
Progressive Dialer
Sequentially dials calls from your call list to improve agent productivity while preventing dropped calls

Campaign Management

Multiple Virtual Numbers
Manage multiple DIDs
Voice Logger
Automatically record all calls for security and compliance
Live monitoring
Monitor and manage multiple campaigns with ease

Omnichannel Channels

Live Chat
Blend bots and humans for an optimum customer experience
Automate how you personalise and send bulk sms texts
Every tool you need to manage and respond to your WhatsApp messages faster and better

Work From Home Features

Agile migration to WFH
Switch all your agents to WFH in less than an hour
Low bandwidth required
Solutions for low bandwidth
Multiple login options
Let agents login to the cloud call center via Mobile, Tab or Laptop
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