Contact Center Screen Recording & Barge-In Software

Transform agent performance, training, & accountability with screen recordings

Is remote working hampering your agent productivity? Not anymore! Now view and record ’ screens from anywhere. Managers, get a 360-degree view of the challenges that agents face and assist them based on your online/real-time observations.

What are screen recordings and screen barge-in features?

Ozonetel Cloudagent offers call recordings and features that let Supervisors barge into a live call (allowing them to snoop, speak with the agent, or conference with the agent and customer). Now extend these capabilities to screens as well.
Ozonetel’s contact center screen recording displays and captures your agents’ screens during customer calls and after-call work to help identify training needs and monitor agents. Screen barge-in enables real-time co-browsing that helps solve issues, instantaneously.

Contact center monitoring for the contemporary workforce

Learn how Modern Contact Centers benefit from Ozonetels Screen Recording Feature
Accountability from Anywhere

Ever wonder if remote agents are slacking off? Or how productive contact center agents are when supervisors aren’t in the room? You can’t and shouldn’t stand over every agent’s shoulder to see if they’re wasting time.

CloudAgent’s contact center screen recording is a low-key way to observe your agents at work.

Transform Agent Efficiency

Improve your in-call procedures and speed up after call work based on a clear view of agent behavior. Visually identify areas for improvement across every process and tool used in your contact center.

On-the-Spot Training and Support

Call quality monitoring has never been easier or more efficient. CloudAgent gives you a comprehensive view of your agents’ entire work activities. You can see where they’re going wrong, give real support, and step-in when needed.

Easy to Setup & Scale

As always, with Ozonetel, it’s easy to set up and scale. Get started today with as few as five agents and scale up as you go.

Part of a Complete Contact Center Suite

Ozonetel Screen recording software is inbuilt into our complete contact center suite. Get all the features you need to build a stellar customer service or sales contact center
Modern IVR

Reduce cost per customer with self-service and multi-level IVR options