Ozonetel AI Research Lab

Transforming CX at Every Step of your Customer Journey


Quality Audits

Boost agent productivity with unbiased, intelligent performance audits.


Assist agents with insights built from millions of customer interactions.

Voice Bots
& Chatbots

Enhance customer self-service with quick, human-like responses.

Neural Search

Drive smarter, faster search results with precise and actionable information.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Ozonetel’s product innovation

“The company uses client feedback and industry trend monitoring to guide its product roadmap and analyze whether it is a vertical-specific requirement or a region-specific demand. This approach allows Ozonetel to continuously evolve its speech analytics solution and proactively draft a roadmap for the future (i.e., developing new products before customers are ready to adopt them), thereby maintaining its innovative edge.”

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About Ozonetel AI Research Lab

Ozonetel Research Lab is constantly questioning, experimenting, and discovering new ways in which AI can solve problems and make life easier for people.

AI has the potential to improve every stage of the customer journey. We are tapping the capabilities of generative AI tech like ChatGPT to embrace today’s contact center challenges. Our vision is to become a fountainhead for tomorrow's AI-based solutions in every sphere.