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What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number without a physical extension linked to it. With virtual numbers, your executives can make or receive calls on their mobile phone, landline, or computer systems.
A virtual phone number solution allows you to track & record your calls, smoothly route them to the right agent or department, and ensure secure customer communications.

Benefits of Ozonetel's Virtual Number Solution

Learn how your business can use our virtual numbers to improve customer communications.
Toll-Free Numbers

Publish a single toll-free number for your support calls or marketing campaigns. Route and distribute calls amongst your agents with ease.

Local Numbers

Use local numbers to increase pick-up rates for your telemarketing campaigns.

Direct Numbers

Assign direct numbers so customers can call account managers, sales reps, delivery agents, or service engineers without knowing their personal numbers.

Get a virtual number that works for you!

Ozonetel offers toll-free numbers across 150 countries and local numbers across 66 counties, so you can get the right one for your business. Talk to our sales team to learn how this can improve your marketing campaigns or customer experience goals.

Types of virtual numbers your business can use

Because your virtual phone number is a customer-facing number, make sure you choose the right one to represent your business.

Toll-Free Numbers

Your business can use our toll-free number solution to create a customer service helpline that is easy (and free) for customers to call. Or publish toll-free numbers to create successful marketing campaigns.


Local Numbers

We provide businesses across the globe with virtual numbers that look like local landline or mobile phone numbers to improve answer rates on their outbound calling campaigns.

Free your team to call-from-anywhere with Ozonetel's virtual number solution

A virtual phone number solution powered by cloud telephony, or a complete call center solution: which one can solve your business communication challenges? Talk to our experts to learn more.

Features of a Virtual Phone Number

Our virtual phone numbers are powered by cloud telephony. So when you buy virtual numbers from Ozonetel you get all the tools required to manage & track your calls.
Smart Routing

You can define which department or agent to route incoming, based on time, day, department & more. Direct where calls made to your virtual numbers will land. This could be a single call center or multiple locations.


With an IVR you can immediately answer any incoming calls with a professional auto-attendant.

Integrate SMS and More

ntegrate customer communications across SMS, texting, WhatsApp, social media, and more.

Call Recordings & Insights

Automatically record calls made to and from your company's virtual numbers for training & quality purposes. Access 40+ reports for actionable insights on agent and team performance.

Call forwarding

With call forwarding, you can route incoming calls to the right executive, even if they're on the move, and your customer will never know. The Call forwarding feature routes calls to their mobile phones, landlines, or softphones (on their computer systems).

Monitor in Real-Time

Real-time dashboard for supervisors to monitor calls, whisper, snoop, or barge in during high-intent calls.

How to Setup Virtual Numbers for Your Business?

Get a virtual number and set up your customer communication in minutes

Get a Virtual Number

Choose either local numbers or toll-free virtual numbers based on your business needs.


Define Your Call Logic

You can define where calls made to your virtual number will land. Route them to a specific department or agent anywhere. Integrate with your CRM if needed.


Start Calling. Track Instantly

That’s it. Your virtual number solution has been set up. Your customer can call your virtual number or they can mask your agent’s caller id when they call out. Every call is tracked, recorded, and ready to analyze.

Innovate with Virtual Numbers

Some of India's largest startups have scaled up their customer communications and marketing campaigns using Ozonetel’s open API platform along with our virtual number solution in innovative ways. Talk to our team to learn more

How Businesses Use Ozonetel’s Virtual Numbers?

Centralize Call Center Operations

Publish a toll-free virtual number on your website or advertisements. Your business can route this single virtual phone number to multiple phone lines, and concurrently answer thousands of calls with teams located on a single premise, across multiple offices in different geographies, or even in their own homes.

Improve Relationship Management

With a virtual number solution, your relationship manager or sales reps can call their client using their own mobile phones. The actual caller id is masked by the virtual number which clients can save and call back at any time. Not only does relationship management improve, but our system also logs every call into your CRM to enable better compliance and tracking.

Track Marketing Campaigns

We help marketers improve their campaigns with our virtual numbers solution. We deliver a separate virtual phone number for each of their campaigns and provide them with a dashboard to track their campaign performance and calculate returns on their ad spend across campaigns.

Improve Last-Mile Delivery

When your service engineer or delivery agent speaks to customers directly from their mobile phones, it can resolve issues faster, lead to better delivery outcomes, and improve customer satisfaction. With Ozonetels virtual number solution you can mask their caller id with a virtual number, and also record and track their call for compliance, training, and dispute resolution.

Food Delivery

Zomato connects 10K+ restaurants with a virtual number solution

Electronics & Consumer Goods

Kent RO enables & tracks its service engineers with a virtual number solution


LifeShield Enterprise tripled answer rates with virtual phone numbers

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