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Eliminate the need for excessive hardware setups, and instead, manage all of your calls and messages from a central location.
inboud support
Inbound support solution

Instantaneously respond to leads

Our business phone system offers advanced call routing that efficiently distributes inbound calls amongst your staff. Your teams can answer from anywhere while you can supervise and monitor them with ease. You’ll gain access to cutting-edge technology and customization options that make it easy for you to run and scale support operations without any help from an IT team.

outbound service sale
Outbound sales

Burn through call lists

We offer an all-in-one solution that helps you improve outbound service and sales, ensuring efficiency even with smaller teams. Use local numbers to triple your telemarketing answer rates and automation to call inbound leads within minutes. You can also track key metrics that help you continuously improve operations.

self-service IVR
Consolidated dashboards

Seamlessly access CRM data

Did you know that medical provider call centers are nearly 30% less efficient because agents find it difficult to access customer information? Ozonetel seamlessly integrates with almost any CRM, including homegrown ones, to ensure that agents automatically view customer data on every inbound and outbound call.

Text to Speech
Call transcriptions

Monitor agent performance

Ozonetel offers advanced call monitoring tools to improve training, compliance, and call center performance. This includes call recording, live call monitoring, 70+ performance reports, and advanced options such as automated call transcriptions.

HIPAA compliance

Also commonly referred to as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA is an acronym that refers to a bill that was signed into law by the former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, in 1996. It outlined the policies and procedures that were intended to protect sensitive healthcare-related patient information – something that became especially important as we moved into the new digital age that we're now a part of. HIPAA dictates a great deal about not only how communication can happen between a doctor and their patient, but also what data needs to be kept private. Prior to HIPAA, there were not actually any standards – let alone expectations – of privacy in the healthcare industry. Now, any organization that doesn't adhere to HIPAA is subject to serious fines and penalties, and at Ozonetel, that's precisely what we want to help you avoid.


In terms of your organization's call center operations, the Title II section of HIPAA is what you want to pay the most attention to. This is critical, as it is specific to communication and dictates what can and cannot be conveyed over the course of a call. It also outlines how medical data must be processed in electronic form, along with the steps you need to take to create more protected digital access to someone's health information. The team at Ozonetel has tirelessly poured over all HIPAA documents, and we have a deep understanding of its various regulations. You can trust us to set up a HIPAA-compliant call center on your behalf, freeing up your valuable time so that you can pay more attention to those matters that truly need you.

Provide HIPAA-compliant support during inbound calls

Answering services

Add and remove someone from your team or CRM seamlessly so you can expand your platform and team to meet your activity levels.

Our flexible, monthly, pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for you to scale up or downsize anytime. Our international presence with local phone number availability across 160+ countries ensures that we can support your expansion plans across the country or world.  With Ozonetel, you get enterprise-grade features right from the start, and you can add more AI-based capabilities as you need them.

Streamline appointment scheduling for any medical or healthcare service

Appointment scheduling

By far, one of the most important services that we offer at Ozonetel comes down to our appointment scheduling services, which are designed to deal with the high volume of calls that you’re likely to be experiencing. Our agents are trained to manage your entire calendar with ease, giving your in-house staff members more time to focus on caring for the patients who are physically in your office.

Instead of dealing with a constant stream of incoming calls that take your attention away from your patients, allow the team at Ozonetel to maintain your calendar so that you can get back to running your practice.

Accurate, safe, and secure communication

Secure messaging

Ozonetel also offers secure messaging services designed to make sure there is always someone available to help your patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These, too, are HIPAA compliant – we make sure that all calls and messages are always routed to the right person, creating better experiences for patients and making it easier for your staff members to administer the care that people have come to depend on.

This secure messaging solution can be a great way to help relieve the burden of high call volumes during particularly busy periods, all in an effort to guarantee that nobody who needs urgent attention has to wait on hold. All of this is done in a secure fashion to guarantee that you’re not in violation of HIPAA – which you absolutely would be if you were answering text messages from your patients, for example.

Frequently asked questions


Does HIPAA apply to call centers?

Yes, HIPAA absolutely applies to call centers. All sensitive patient information and related data needs to be protected at all times, with no exceptions. The penalties for HIPAA violations range from $100 to $50,000 per violation based on the level of negligence on display – and that is precisely what the team at Ozonetel wants to help you avoid.

What is a HIPAA-compliant phone?

HIPAA compliant phones are those that are A) used for a specific purpose like offering care to patients, and B) used in a limited capacity. They’re used for scheduling appointments, discussing test results, performing health checkups, and similar tasks.

Is Google Phone HIPAA compliant?

While the free version of Google Phone is not HIPAA compliant, the paid version (dubbed Google Voice for G Suite) is. It can be used by organizations to discuss personal health information without violating the law.

Is Apple FaceTime HIPAA compliant?

Thanks to the fact that Apple’s FaceTime service employs end-to-end encryption, many experts agree that it is a HIPAA compliant option for communicating with your patients. Nobody but the individuals on the call can access any information being transmitted over that session.

Is WhatsApp HIPAA compliant?

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is not considered to be HIPAA compliant due to a general lack of audit controls and other factors, so it cannot be used to communicate anything related to personal health information. Its use should always be limited to talking about basic information in an effort to maintain HIPAA compliance and to avoid potentially costly fines like those outlined above.

See it in action

Ozonetel believes in ensuring business outcomes! That’s why our experts guide you from selection through deployment, onboarding, and training. Contact us now to speak to an expert.

Ozonetel call center features for small business

Ozonetel auto dialers come packed with every tool and feature you need to
run a successful outbound campaign.
Modern IVR

Reduce cost per customer with self-service and multi-level IVR options.

Seamless CTI

Seamlessly integrate with almost any ready-made or homegrown CRM to boost productivity.

Automated recordings

Auto record calls and view recordings against customer tickets for easy tracking.

Sophisticated monitoring

Boost performance with live monitoring, sentiment analysis, Whisper & Barge-in tools.

Mobile app

Manage your small business's call center services from anywhere while tracking every call.

Smart routing & ACD

Accelerate responses with sophisticated routing & automatic call distribution.

Answering machine detection

Skip answering machines to connect agents only to live prospects.

Text to speech

Quickly automate & personalize IVR messages

Call recordings

Automatically record every call and view it alongside prospect data in your CRM.

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"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"Great Support Team"
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The customer support is the best in class.I wanted to thank you all for the excellent support we have gotten from your end. Rilin, Always responsive and quick to action! Glad to be working with you!
"One Stop solution for all telephony requirements"
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Its not just a telephony dailer, The best part of this solution is we can design it based on our needs, A very intelligent system which keeps a track of everything, from IVR,Calls routing,Queue logic, Agents productivity,seamless integration with CRM and the best part is dynamic call prioritization...See More
"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
"A Pleasant Experience with a mutual vision to grow and enhance"
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The whole team of Ozonetel is very helpful. Efficient, always ready to help and a brilliant attitude towards work and their services have ensured a very smooth journey for our organization.
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