How the World’s Largest Insurance Scheme’s Helpline transformed Agent Performance with our Speech Analytics Solution

Enhanced Beneficiary Experience
Improved Contact Center Efficiency
Empathetic, Personalized Agent Training

About NHA  

NHA, also known as Ayushman Bharat, is the world’s largest insurance scheme that helps economically vulnerable Indians access healthcare facilities.


Team NHA  was struggling to improve the efficiency of its contact center operations. It was difficult for them to gather deep, intuitive insights into what the beneficiaries need, feel, speak and respond to. A hundred percent analysis of thousands of hours of audio and chat transcripts amid tight delivery deadlines was humanly impossible for the QA team. Furthermore, they wanted to understand the top concerns of the beneficiaries and monitor how effectively these were being resolved.

How Ozonetel helped?

We helped team NHQA  unlock the true value of their contact center data with our award-winning Speech Analytics solution.

The objective was to deliver the conversational intelligence needed to simplify call quality monitoring, accelerate agent training, and elevate the beneficiary experience. 

Supported Agent Training by automating Agent Score  

Our Speech Analytics dashboard and intuitive reports helped team NHA  identify gaps in agent training. Based on parameters such as Speaking Rate, Loudness, Sentiment, and so on, team NHA could identify the bottom 5 or 10 performers and equip them with extra support and training. Improving agent scores within a single quarter of deployment itself, our solutions enhanced the overall efficiency of the NHA  contact center. 

Improved Beneficiary Experience 

Deep sentiment analysis helped identify the positive or negative sentiment in the calls. This helped team NHA improve its interactions with its beneficiaries. By diving deep into the historical data on beneficiary interaction and experience, they were able to predict future queries and behaviors. Consequently, they trained their agents to ensure positive interactions with the beneficiaries. 

Enhanced Contact Center efficiency 

With granular and actionable insights, Team NHA  could boost their contact center’s performance within the first quarter of deployment. Team leads saved an average of 30 hours per month with enhanced quality analysis, accessing beneficiary insights, and analyzing every single call in real-time. 

  • Monitoring every single call for quality
  • Quickly identifying agent training
  • Deriving Conversational Intelligence
Tools & Features Used
  • Call Center solution
  • Speech Analytics Reports
Key Results Achieved
  • Reached Target Agent Scores within the first quarter
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