Lifeshield Insurance doubles conversions with an Ozonetel – HubSpot integration

Higher lead conversions
Productive agents
Cost-effective operations


About Lifeshield

Founded in 2010, LifeShield is a brokerage established by its parent company, Insurance Brokers Group, to simplify the complex world of traditional and specialty life insurance products for families.


Lifeshield uses HubSpot as the CRM tool to track their prospect, lead, and customer data. Although HubSpot’s sophisticated workflow helped segment the database and personalize communication, Lifeshield could not get the benefit of progressive and predictive dialer features with its previous telephony vendor. Moreover, gradual complaints of poor call quality and lack of real-time statistics put Lifeshield behind in the number game especially during the peak season. This is where it’s quest for a resilient, reliable, and scalable cloud contact solution began.

Why did Lifeshield choose Ozonetel?

Lifeshield loved Ozonetel’s simple and feature-rich call center solution that centers on seamless, personalized, and modern customer communications. Ozonetel’s integration with all leading CRMs with click-to-call functionality on a unified screen assures agent efficiency and productivity. Moreover, features such as local numbers, auto-dialers, intelligent routing, advanced analytics resolved the longstanding challenges the Lifeshield team was facing in terms of connectivity, answer rates, monitoring, reporting, etc. 

Lifeshield had also faced bitter experiences with the support team of its previous vendor. Ozonetel’s prompt response times, and dedicated account manager sealed the deal for Lifeshield.

Seamless HubSpot Integration

Lifeshield wanted its voice support solution to be centered around HubSpot. Ozonetel’s out-of-the-box integration with HubSpot meant dialing, answering, and transferring calls from within HubSpot with a unified view of customer data. Call recordings and chat transcripts after each customer interaction are automatically added to the Hubspot CRM records. Also, agents could click to call any contact within the Hubspot CRM.

Slack Integration & Alerts

Ozonetel’s integration with Slack ensured no call of Lifeshield goes unattended. The team could get instant notification about any abandoned calls and alerts every time the call queues exceeded a predefined limit. Missed calls reports and voicemails found their way directly into the manager or supervisor’s inbox.


Transformed Sales with Auto Dialers

Ozonetel immediately fixed the issue that had hit Lifeshield the most, with a predictive dialer that estimates agent availability and minimizes downtime between calls to maximize agent utilization.

Lifeshield could proactively connect with nearly 4000 prospective customers, thereby tripling connection rates – a feat it could never achieve with the old vendor.

Auto dialers optimized agent productivity while making conversations between customer and agent more interactive. Lifeshield could proactively connect with nearly 4000 prospective customers thereby tripling connection rates – a feat it could never achieve with the old vendor.

Enhanced Pick-up Rates with Local Presence

Lifeshield could accelerate the outbound campaigns with Auto dialers, but it still faced problems with poor call pick-up rates. Hence Ozonetel equipped Lifeshield with area code-specific local virtual numbers that helped the team eliminate the barrier of hesitation in answering the call. This increased the answer rates of outbound calls, and the campaigns yielded better results in terms of more talk times and faster conversions.

Agent Efficiency & Productivity get a boost

Ozonetel’s HubSpot integration worked wonders for Lifeshield agents. Improved access to knowledge, bird-eye view of the customer journey, timely information at their fingertips made agents’ work easier, and Lifeshield’s vision of a more personalized calling experience was achieved. Their agents were less distracted and more productive, be it responding to voice, emails, chats, SMS, or even social media queries. Ozonetel empowered Lifeshield with a customer-first ecosystem wherein more human interactions and customer success started at the agent’s desk.

Live Monitoring ensures impeccable Reporting

Empowered agents mean better customer service. But the admins must ascertain there is no bottleneck in the flow, and the agents are motivated throughout. Ozonetel enabled real-time monitoring of agent performance with features for the admin to barge-in, whisper, or snoop during a live call.

As a brokerage company, we want to simplify lives for our customers and agents alike — and Ozonetel’s call center solution has really come through for us. Customers auto-connect with their personal brokers, a Slack integration eased queue management, and the Hubspot dialer integration has amped up agent productivity.

Jason Richter

  • Inefficient outbound campaigns
  • Poor call quality
  • Lack of insightful reports
  • High cost of operations.
Tools & Features Used
  • Doubled conversions
  • Tripled connections
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Reduced cost of operations.
Key Results Achieved
  • Auto dialers
  • Slack Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
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