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What is cloud telephony?

Conventional business telephone systems relied on Private Branch Exchange or PBX networks where human operators would manage the switchboards to plug wires to close a call circuit. Organizations used the PBX system to carry out internal as well as external communications using different communication channels like VoIP, ISDN, or analog. Today, PBX phone systems are available as both on-premise and off-premise solutions. The latter is essentially referred to as cloud telephony, where the PBX system is hosted in a data center.


Key features of cloud telephony

Benefits of cloud telephony for your business

Cost savings

The agile nature of cloud telephony solutions means that they can adapt to the changing requirements of the business, enabling your business to reduce costs by eliminating multiple vendor lock-ins.

Real-time updates

All the phone system updates and maintenance can be managed centrally in real-time, making your business systems and operations seamless.

Streamlined operations

Cloud telephony solutions also make processes streamlined by providing accurate real-time data to ensure you bill your customers correctly and not miss out on any billable hours.

Internal training

Cloud telephony solutions are also good for training agents. You can use call recording features to monitor and track agent performance, while call conferencing can improve first-call resolutions and prevent escalations.

Remote working

Cloud telephony allows your business to work remotely without the need for extra infrastructure, ensuring that your operations are unaffected in cases of emergencies or disasters.

Robust, powerful calling features

Cloud telephony solutions offer many features, which explains the rush to move to the cloud.
Quick and easy implementation

Since there is no need for buying and installing physical infrastructure, you can quickly get started with your cloud call center within minutes.

Call management

Cloud telephony solutions often act as an all-in-one call management platform which means you have quick access to call recording, forwarding, routing, and other important calling features.

Agent management

You can easily track agents’ performance over a comprehensive dashboard through an online portal.

Real-time call analytics

Monitor and record live agent calls and campaign progress with continuous tracking reports and customize them quickly and easily as per your business requirements.

Virtual numbers

Use a separate virtual phone number for each campaign to measure ROI on the campaigns. Or to let customers so that they can directly call your delivery agents, service engineers, or field representatives.

Api Integrations
API integrations

With cloud telephony solutions, you can integrate your phone system with multiple collaboration tools such as Google Sheets, Zoho, Salesforce, to maximize your business productivity.

Number masking

With these common features, you can easily track leads, calculate marketing ROI, and enable direct secure communications with your field staff.

Small Business Systems
Small business systems

The agile nature of cloud telephony solutions means that you can start small with just a virtual receptionist instead of taking the plunge into setting up a full-fledged call center.

Enhanced caller experience

You can offer an optimized caller experience via personalized regional greetings, customized hold music, and skill-based agent routing .

Why Ozonetel?

Over 2500 businesses trust us across 150+ countries. Our unique hybrid solution blends the best of cloud and private cloud to help you go live instantly with a cloud call center solution and enable your agents to work from anywhere. We also offer pure private cloud options for your sensitive security and compliance needs. Our cloud telephony solutions offer comprehensive live reporting capabilities. You can run multiple inbound and outbound campaigns, integrate them with multiple CRMs and add several digital channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Webchat to create a true omnichannel solution. We are also among a few cloud telephony providers to offer open APIs to customize your business workflows.

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API Integrations

EBOOK : How do businesses in India use Cloud telephony?

EBOOK : How do Businesses in India use Cloud Telephony?

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud telephony enables companies to store their entire data on the cloud for quicker access and ease of data control. Your business can access the information at any time and leverage a range of advanced features such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to-call, missed call service, outbound calling, etc.

Cloud telephony allows businesses to operate without any hardware, software, or maintenance expenses. Additionally, it enables your business to scale up or downsize its operations based on demand. For instance, an educational institution may increase their call center agents during peak enrollment season and reduce the number of agents during other months, lowering their total cost of operations.

Inbound call centers manage incoming communication (calls/texts/emails/chats) queries to an organization. Your business can use inbound contact center software to handle the incoming call volumes and facilitate easy routing of all calls to the right agent.

Outbound call centers manage outgoing communication (calls/texts/emails/chats) to potential customers and buyers.

IVR means an Interactive Voice Response. It is an automated technology that facilitates incoming callers to get information via a pre-recorded voice response system. The caller does not need to speak to any agent in an IVR; rather, he/she can use the recorded menu options, and the inbound call is routed to the concerned department or specialists.

A hosted IVR is a cloud-based solution with minimal infrastructure investment.

A majority of your tele-calling operations can be managed by leveraging comprehensive contact center solutions through automation. Contact us on our toll-free number +1800-123-150150 to know more.

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