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Can VOIP Calling be Used in India for Work-from-Home Call Centers?

From mid-March to end of April, many call centers can use VOIP calling to facilitate safer working conditions for their call center agents. The coronavirus outbreak has created an urgent need for work-from-home (WFH) options. In India, due to legal hurdles around VOIP calling, it might have been difficult to move your call center or customer communications to WFH. However, the Department of Telecom’s (DoT’s) has taken some swift decisions that have made it much easier for businesses: For the next two months, until 30th April, DoT has decided to grant certain relaxations for a period of up to [...]

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How to route calls to remote agents when they are offline?

Can you route calls to agents who are not at their workstations? Even if it wasn’t because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has amazing benefits in terms of agent flexibility and call center productivity.  Technically cloud call center solutions can be accessed from anywhere, so it should be easy to switch to work from home mode. But what if your agent doesn’t have a device at home? Or, if they stay in an area with poor internet connectivity? Take it easy, every problem comes with a solution. Offline Call Routing Quickly routing calls to agents is essential. [...]

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Why Use Real-Time Speech Analytics in the Call Center?

Speech Analytics is 95% more accurate and 15x faster at processing data than a person. So when are you using Speech Analytics in your call center? Using Speech Analytics on your recordings can be useful, but the real benefits are when you use it in real-time. Our real-time Speech Analytics Dashboard can display how fast or slow your agents are speaking, how loudly or softly they are speaking, as well as what your customer sentiment is during the call. It can alert for curse word usage or the usage of keywords such as greetings or deflections from a given script. [...]

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4 Insights that Speech Analytics gives Call Center Managers

Real-time speech analytics is here. Learn how it changes the way managers can measure and improve call center performance. Your team is working hard, logging in hours and hours, speaking to hundreds of customers every week. As a contact center manager, can you listen in to every single call that’s taking place and evaluate it for agent performance and quality?  Probably not. It is more likely that you get to know about angry conversations or dissatisfied callers long after the call takes place. Or (worse!) you may never hear about them, at all. Even if you have a quality [...]

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5 Steps to switch your legacy call center to work-from-home

The current outbreak of coronavirus has spurred South East Asia to work from home. It is no longer a privilege, but a necessity. Organizations are closing offices, mandating remote working and reviewing corporate travel policies. What does this mean for call centers? As outlined in a previous blog, for those who use Cloud telephony, switching to work from home is instant and easy. However, in this blog, I outline the steps a legacy call center needs to take to work-from-home. How can you switch a Legacy Call Center to a work-from-home model? For large call center who still use legacy [...]

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