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Call Routing: the logical way to manage your workforce

You might have a contact center with 500 agents. But if you do not recognize their skills and put them to good use, you are not making the most of your workforce. All your agents are making and receiving calls — some more than the others, some better than the others. Your contact center’s efficiency depends substantially on whether the right agents are on the right calls. How do you ensure this? You set up a system that directs these calls to agents based on certain parameters. This is where you set up your skill-based, time-based, priority-based or campaign-based call [...]

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Setting call retry rules for your dialer: best practices

Retry rules, if formulated intelligently, can make an agent’s life easier and reduce unwanted calls for your customers. There is a fine line between being pesky and being persistent. And when you are telemarketing or cold calling, that line becomes even finer. Often, contact center agents need to call leads more than once to be able to speak to them. Sometimes their phones will be busy, and at other times, they will simply be unavailable. Often, people just won’t answer. But the business demands that you keep trying. However, you don’t want to put off your prospects by constantly calling [...]

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Average Speed of Answer: Using ASA to measure and improve your CX.

Answer that phone and do it quick! When the success of your business depends on your customer’s experience with your contact center, this should be your number one mantra. We have all been on the other side of that phone line, waiting for the IVR to stop repeating itself and for a human being to ask, “Hello, how may I help you?” And we know there is nothing more frustrating than waiting endlessly for this to happen. Little wonder then that the Average Speed of Answer which, simply put, is how soon an agent answers a customer’s call, is probably [...]

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Using VOIP to call international prospects? A guide to ensure high voice quality.

Do you support your international customers from a global headquarter, or local customers from multiple remote offices? Or does your business need to call prospects across the globe? In both cases, VOIP calls can really slash those international phone bills. But if there are basic voice quality issues, it isn't worth it. Disruptions, echoes, jitter or long silences can ruin the customer experience. How do you ensure high call quality on VOIP calls? Do you need to fix things in your own infrastructure? Or watch out for something when choosing your cloud telephony partner? Turns out, call quality issues can [...]

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Improve your cold calling process with these 7 tools.

Business dictionary, defines cold calling as “calling a prospect (who does not know the caller) for a sales appointment”. But, since your sales representative may make some email or social media contact before calling, I prefer this broader definition: Cold calls are calls made to people not expecting them. This includes: Calling cold prospects. Calling respondents to a marketing campaign. Re-engaging existing customers (somewhat out of the blue). Your challenge? Ensuring high productivity for your Sales Development Representatives. You want high conversions, low cost of acquisition and most optimal use of your workforce. And of course, keeping in mind that [...]

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