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Customer Phone Calls, WhatsApp Chats & Zendesk: Now all in one place.

Announcing a single dashboard within Zendesk to manage both regular calls and WhatsApp chats. When you are managing customer communication across multiple channels, you definitely need everything to be consolidated. You can’t have agents toggling between their call dashboards, their CRM, and their chat windows. You need them to be able to see customer information, complaints or requests from other channels on every interaction. In short, you need a single dashboard within your CRM to handle chats, SMS and calls. Of course, our Zendesk CTI integration already gives you that. But when WhatsApp announced it’s WhatsApp for Business API [...]

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How to implement GDPR in your Call Center

If customers cannot trust you with their data, they won’t do business with you. GDPR compliance is good for your call center, and not that complicated to implement. This blog breaks it down for you: When GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation came into force May 2018, there may have been a collective groan from administrative staff across the globe. In today’s hyperconnected world, what affects Europe will affect businesses everywhere. But even if you are one hundred percent sure that you’ll never be privy to a European citizen’s data, ensuring GDPR compliance may be good for your call [...]

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Is your marketing campaign interactive enough? 6 unique tools to get ‘em hooked

You have it all planned. You’ve splashed your brand message across snazzy advertisements in multiple newspapers, hoardings, television, and YouTube ads. You set up a fabulous Facebook and Instagram campaign. And even got the latest Tik Tok sensation to endorse you. Everything is perfect, all the way down to your display stand in the Kirana store. But what’s your plan for keeping those customers engaged? Sure, your brand is speaking to customers, but what’s the plan for helping them interact and participate?  When they do connect with you on a channel of their choosing —either phone, social media, SMS, [...]

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5 Wonderful (and Exclusive) Benefits of Customer Phone Interactions

There are so many ways your customer can contact you: SMS texts, Live chats, social media, and email. So why invest in the phone channel? Consider this: 74% of all customers still call when they need help1 with making a purchase or when they need technical support. They call when they want to complain, praise, or even learn new ways to use your product. In fact, 30% consumers report their inability to reach a real human being as the worst part of a bad customer service experience. 2 So, how come customers across the globe continue to call contact [...]

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How to Manage Your Geographically Dispersed Customer Service

As a business, chances are that you have a cross-platform presence, can be accessed across a plethora of gadgets, and your customer base is geographically dispersed. Your infrastructural reality is probably challenging too. Your headquarters, business operations, and marketing teams may be in different cities, across one or more countries or continents. What does this mean for your customer support? Geographically dispersed customer support can be a good thing. Multiple offices offer redundancy in case of any outages, local holidays or even natural calamities. Another office, in another location, is always available to back up. And working in various [...]

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