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What is a missed call campaign?

A Missed Call Campaign is an innovative way to connect with a target audience or prospects. Businesses advertise a phone number. When prospects dial this number, the call is terminated after a single ring. The caller is then called back using automated dialers. They are connected to an automated IVR message, a voice bot, a radio integration, or a live agent.

An award-winning marketing solution

Ozonetel’s missed call solution has been used for award-winning marketing, brand engagement, and sales campaigns. We hold a world record for the largest number of missed calls on a platform in the award-winning KKT campaign.
700 Million Missed Calls In Nine Months
450 Million Ad Impressions in 15 months
20 products effectively advertised to a hard-to-reach rural demographic

How it works



Businesses publish a Phone number.


Collect missed calls

Callers dial the number. Calls terminate after a single ring.



Use automated dialers to schedule callbacks. Play messages via automated IVR, bots or radio integrations. Or route calls to live agents.

Achieve millions of calls A month

Seamlessly expand your reach. Ozonetel gives you the power to reach core locations, intelligently route calls, and capture valuable data.
Build interactive campaigns

Conduct polls and surveys using simple IVR tools or advanced voice bots. Gather valuable customer feedback and insights.

Effectively capture data

Our robust call logging and easy to use reports ensure that you capture valuable marketing insights.

Generate more leads

A missed call costs the caller nothing. It has allowed our real estate clients to reach millions of prospects across the nation in successful sales campaigns.

Choose any channel

Follow up your missed calls with automated SMS, speech-based IVR solutions, radio integrations, voice bots. Our open architecture allows you to integrate with any channel easily.

Expand your reach

These campaigns have allowed our clients to reach elusive rural audiences who may not have access to TV, smartphones or the internet.

Innovate with ease

Use our open APIs and robust platform to develop your own solution using our telephony, IVR and Dialer integrations.

To opt-in or not?

TRAI doesn’t let you connect with people registered on DND. Learn how we help you run opt-in campaigns to ensure your campaigns is both successful and compliant, Contact us for a demo.

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Work with the best

Here is why India’s top brands choose Ozonetel for creating innovative marketing, brand engagement, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Trusted by 1500+ brands across the globe

Ozonetel has helped us maximize agent productivity, increase customer contact rate, easily create multiple campaigns, minimize and track idle time. It’s easy to use, at a fair rate, and their support team is terrific.

Alexsa Torres | Sr. Director, Quality & Customer Experience at RPA Energy

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