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Speed up service and sales

Agents are 30-60% more productive with Ozonetel’s Zoho Phonebridge
unified window
Unified window

Agents see relevant customer information while they converse.

Auto logging

Stay organized & never miss a customer call.

2-way SMS

Two way SMS text messages from within Zoho.

Skill routing

Autoroute calls to the right agent with custom logic.

Setup in minutes

Get a complete contact center up and running within Zoho in 24 hours or less
Works across all Zoho products

We’ve got the latest Zoho Phonebridge 3 Integration that integrates across 40+ Zoho Products including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, and Zoho Recruit.

All the support you need

Ozonetel is unmatched in the one-on-one personalized support we ensure from product selection through deployment, onboarding, and training.


Ozonetel is built on an open API architecture that offers one of the deepest Zoho integrations. We have all the webhooks you need to create custom workflows that give you the results you need.

Better business outcomes

Learn why growing businesses love our solution

Not only are the Ozonetel telephony products highly integratable into our crm with special workflows to automate processes, the technology is reliable and well priced. The team is great. Meraj and Shane have helped us to no end to make sure everything is deployed just right and working flawlessly. It's rare to find a product and support this good. We've been with them for years now and will continue to rely on them to scale our operations. Thanks again guys!

Josh Phelps | CEO at Enterprise Capital


Fully loaded

Making and receiving calls isn’t enough. Ozonetel has all the features you need to route, distribute,
monitor, and manage communications better.
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Outbound & Omnichannel
Management Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Phinebridge Dialer enables managers to auto-dial complete contact lists. The dialer skips unanswered and busy tones and connects agents to live call recipients on the other end. To use this dialer, the basic flow is:

Export your leads from Zoho

Import your leads into Ozonetel CloudAgent (integrated with Zoho)

Start dialer and start making calls.

Yes. Zoho Phonebridge can accelerate inbound lead responses. When an inbound lead fills a form,  your agent will be notified with an alert, or you can use our auto-dialers to automatically call the lead.

When you have a Zoho phone bridge integration, all calls or chats that are made to your business phone are auto-logged into the system against any existing customer ticket. If there is no existing customer ticket, a new ticket is automatically generated, and the call is logged against that.

Yes, when you have a Zoho phonebridge integration, call recordings are automatically stored against the customer ticket.

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