How to Manage Your Geographically Dispersed Customer Service

As a business, chances are that you have a cross-platform presence, can be accessed across a plethora of gadgets, and your customer base is geographically dispersed. Your infrastructural reality is probably challenging too. Your headquarters, business operations, and marketing teams may be in different cities, across one or more countries or continents.

What does this mean for your customer support? Geographically dispersed customer support can be a good thing. Multiple offices offer redundancy in case of any outages, local holidays or even natural calamities. Another office, in another location, is always available to back up. And working in various time zones can help you deliver 24 x 7 customer support. Here are 5 ways to stay on top of it all and ensure efficient customer support to your geographically dispersed base:

One customer service number

Thanks to virtual phone numbers, businesses have a nifty option to easily and cost-effectively reach customers across geos. All businesses do is buy numbers of different countries where their customers reside and dial through a centralized cloud telephony system. On the customers’ end, the business number appears local, and they have an 1800 number to call anytime.

Single view of the customer

You need to keep up. Your customers may contact you from any location or channel (email, chat, calls or SMS text). If they’ve already called, emailed or chatted with your representatives about an issue—they don’t expect to repeat themselves the next time they contact you. Use CTI integrations with your cloud contact center to recognize customers when they call/chat/SMS. Unify your cloud contact center with your CRM system, and a screenpop integration will give agents the customer history and open ticket details on every call/chat/text they handle.

Transfer across borders

What happens when a caller from Australia wants to speak to your sales team in Brazil? Or while talking to your support team in Phoenix, a customer needs to clarify something from the billing team in Wisconsin?  Asking your customer to disconnect and call another number is an absolute no-no in today’s super-connected universe. Choose where you want to locate your offices based on skills available there or even based on the city’s cost of living index— and then transfer calls seamlessly across locations using a cloud telephony solution.

Vernacular language support

Seamless transfers across locations give you another advantage:  you can offer callers far more language choices than before. You can open a Spanish or Portuguese customer support agents logging in from Latin America, or European call center agents to handle your French or German clientele.

Remote access to insights and data

Use your cloud telephony solution to monitor your SLA’s in real time. See your average time in queue, monitor calls, and access call center/agent performance from anywhere. Store call recordings on the cloud, so you can access them for legal or quality assessment purposes from anywhere.

Move your legacy system to the cloud

Having a legacy system, or operating in a country where VOIP calling is restricted is also not a valid excuse for poor customer experience. Solutions such as KOOKOO CloudAgent, lets you layer a legacy system to integrate with your CRM and access all cloud telephony tools. (Read case study). We also offer cloud telephony solutions in countries with VOIP restrictions as well (using PSTN).


Speedy, timely, and accurate issue resolution is fundamental to customer support. Today support goes beyond issue resolution to providing customers an overall positive brand experience. This demands responsive, 24 X 7 communication across channels. It is possible to seamlessly (and efficiently) manage geographically dispersed customer support by investing in smart technology that is customizable, provides insightful reporting metrics, and is easy-to-use. Thereby making customer-agent interaction both meaningful and rewarding.


About the Author:

Neha is a Digital Strategist at Ozonetel and is focused towards improving the user experience at all digital touchpoints a consumer interacts with everyday.

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