10 Best PropTech Startups

Prashanth Kancherla

Feb 22, 2024 | 12 mins read

The Indian real estate sector is expected to grow to $1 trillion in market size by 2030, and account for 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. This surge is propelled by the widespread adoption of remote work, driving a significant reliance on digital solutions across industries, including real estate. As the sector adjusts to the new reality, there’s a noticeable increase in venture capital investment in real estate technology, or PropTech, fueling the rise of innovative startups at a rapid pace. 

Fintrackr data shows that between January 2021 and March 2023, PropTech startups earned roughly $2.4 billion. This includes 39 growth-stage companies raising $2.25 billion and 69 early-stage startups raising $145 million. If we use previous data, PropTech startups have raised $2.9 billion since January 2020. 

This demonstrates that investment in venture-backed PropTech businesses has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, with significant funding in the property management and construction tech sectors. PropTech companies continue to draw significant investment as the need for digital transformation grows. 

On that note, let’s explore some of the growing PropTech startups in India. 


Before we get into the companies in detail, here is an overview of the top 10 PropTech startups in India:

Startup NameFundingBest For
Zapkey$2M (2022 to 2023)Property management and rental solutions
Square Yards$97.8M (2015 to 2021)Real estate transactions and advisory
TheHouseMonk$6M (2021 to 2022)Property management and tenant services
NestAway$109.1M (2015 to 2019)Managed home rentals and property listings
MagicBricks₹300M (2017)Online real estate marketplace
Furlenco$228.6M (2019 to 2022)Furniture rental for furnished homes
NoBroker$426M (2015 to 2021)Direct owner-to-tenant property listings
Brick&Bolt$10.6M (2018 to 2023)Construction and renovation services
Prop Tiger$85M (2014 to 2017)Real estate advisory and transactions
Ziffy Homes$1.9M (2018 to 2019)Affordable co-living solutions

List Of 10 Best PropTech Startups

In India, the Proptech sector has grown rapidly in recent years. So, we’ll look at some of the most successful Indian Proptech startups, and depending on your requirements, one may be just what you’re searching for. So, let’s go right in.


Founded in 2020, Zapkey is a house sale guarantee platform that claims to give guaranteed home sales within three months from the listing date, or clients can buy the property themselves. Their pricing is determined by patented algorithms that track over 30 lakh property registration records, claiming to assure a fair market price and transparency in sales.

The Mumbai-based proptech business began offering authentic home registration data and easy online access to the public, allowing its consumers to make more educated decisions. Zapkey’s unique selling point is its data engine and proprietary operating system, which runs the entire business.


  • Guaranteed home sale within 90 days or get part of your token back
  • Transparency with data on past sales, registrations, and pricing to help buyers make informed decisions.
  • Personalized support throughout the home buying/selling process


  • The home sale guarantees come with certain terms and conditions to qualify.
  •  Support services may not be very responsive once sales are completed.


SquareYards is a prominent PropTech platform that provides comprehensive solutions for those looking to purchase, sell, or invest in real estate. The company uses cutting-edge technology to simplify property transactions by offering various services, such as property search, mortgage help, legal assistance, and property management.

SquareYards provides consumers access to a vast inventory of residential and commercial properties, leveraging data-driven approaches and market insights to enable educated investment decisions. Known for prioritizing customer satisfaction, SquareYards has established itself as a trustworthy and renowned brand in the Indian PropTech sector.


  • Comprehensive services covering the entire home buying/rental journey – from search to design to maintenance.
  • Virtual property showings via video conferencing save time and offer convenience to both buyers and agents.
  • Variety of technologically advanced search and discovery tools like heatmaps, recommendations, 3D visualizations, and aerial views for easier property evaluation.


  • Users may be upsold various paid services like certifications, insurance, etc.
  • Data and trends provided across portals may have some inconsistencies.

User Rating: 4.4/5

User Review: Square Yards made it possible for me to make the right choice, solved my problems, and gave me all the help until the deal was finally closed.


TheHouseMonk’s SaaS platform enables property managers and landlords to market, sell, and manage their rental portfolios. The company serves 100+ clients in 12 countries and is rapidly expanding. In addition, TheHouseMonk is expanding rapidly thanks to a strategic investment to fuel its activities.

Aurum Proptech invested $5 million in the company, indicating investor confidence and future growth potential. This capital infusion is expected to help the company’s growth and expansion initiatives in the rental real estate business.


  • Open API architecture and wide integrations allow property managers to customize the platform to suit their geography and operational needs.
  •  Products and services cover the full spectrum for property managers – acquiring rentals, managing operations, and enhancing tenant experience.
  • Solutions are designed to help rental portfolios grow across housing types like co-living, student housing, and senior housing for businesses to scale.


  • Rental rates across locations may witness fluctuations, making budgeting difficult.
  • Some landlords have specific house rules about guests and other factors that affect flexibility.


NestAway is a property-tech startup that focuses on the rental market. The technology makes the renting process easier for both tenants and property owners. Tenants can look for rental properties, reserve them online, and use additional maintenance and rent payment services. NestAway’s hassle-free property management services provide property owners with consistent rental revenue and peace of mind.


  • Serving as an estate manager to minimize expenses and easily handle all billing and rental transactions.
  • NestAway offers landlords rent default protection. If the tenant does not pay, the business will. When tenants depart, they assist them in reclaiming their security deposit.
  • The company’s software provides greater rent, approved clients, and easy home maintenance.


  • Currently present only in major metros, leaving gaps in coverage.
  • Some additional costs, like maintenance, parking, etc., may not be clear upfront.

User Rating: 3.3/5

User Review: The first thing I wanted to highlight here is that NestAway has improved its service a lot. 


Magicbricks allows home seekers and property owners to search for their ideal residences. This user-friendly website has various features to improve the search process, including automatic regional and project suggestions for better results. Users can also examine home recommendations using a handy slider and inquire about property-related difficulties.

The property pulse area of the website also contains essential materials, such as the most recent real estate news, which empowers visitors with knowledge about taxes, investments, and other topics. A detailed real estate ebook is available to help homebuyers navigate the important purchasing process.


  • Automatic geographical and project suggestions to enhance your search.
  • A slider allows website users to view home recommendations.
  • Find a new home that is similar to the one you have in mind.
  • Their property pulse section contains information for recent real estate news.


  • Some listed properties may already be sold, or prices may be outdated.
  • Brokers/sellers may not respond effectively after initial lead generation.
  • A few invalid listings were created solely for lead generation, which wastes time.

User Rating: 4/5

User Review: I posted my property on Magicbricks and contacted the buyers for the same. The response was quick and genuine.


Furlenco helps urban Indians improve their living spaces by providing a one-of-a-kind decor experience inspired by how they adorn their houses. Their style is influenced by the changing interests and lifestyles of their clientele.

Customers may easily customize their entire home, room, or even a small corner with a single swipe. This efficient method saves them time, effort, and money compared to visiting several stores or online. Furthermore, Furlenco ensures that all its furniture is brand new and never worn, providing the highest quality for its consumers.


  • Renting out upscale furniture and household accessories.
  • They also offer decorations, add-ons, and home items.
  • They have pros on staff that design all of their items.
  • One can create their entire home, room, or nook with a single swipe. 


  • Possibility of damages if customers do not properly maintain rented furniture.
  • At times, manpower and logistics issues can cause delays in new deliveries or relocations.

User Rating: 3.7/5

User Review: Good services, on-time delivery, professionalism, and quality products with Furlenco.


NoBroker is a major PropTech startup that has challenged the traditional real estate brokerage business. The website connects property owners directly with potential purchasers or tenants, removing the need for intermediaries and saving customers from costly brokerage fees. NoBroker’s huge database, innovative search engines, and AI-powered recommendations make property searches quick and easy.


  • True to its name, NoBroker does not charge brokerage fees, passing on savings to the customers.
  • Properties are verified through site visits and documentation review, ensuring authenticity.
  • Uses data analytics for price guidance and AI chatbots for initial queries.


  • Removing middlemen can sometimes prolong finalizing a property deal.
  • Revenue via promotions – Features paid promotions from builders, which can bias projections about good deals.

User Rating: 4.1/5

User Review: This app is very user-friendly, with photos and location maps.



Brick&Bolt, which operates on an e-commerce model, provides its customers with technology methods and procedures that make residential and commercial construction simple, hassle-free, and dependable. Comprehensive services include residential construction, commercial construction, and building materials.

In addition, the company provides end-to-end construction solutions from concept to completion. With technology at its foundation, the company aims to make construction predictable, scalable, and transparent. They understood early on that payment transparency is one of the most pressing problems for clients today. So, the founders intended to develop a model in which customers retain control of their money until the ultimate delivery date. They established an escrow agreement with contractors to release milestone-based payments.


  • Brick&Bolt partners with builders to provide access to verified property listings, helping avoid fraudulent listings.
  • The platform offers price guidance tools by analyzing previous sales data to help buyers negotiate better deals.
  • Buyers can track construction progress through online dashboards, ensuring transparency.


  • Reliance on partner builders may limit the number of property listings available on Brick&Bolt.
  • While Brick&Bolt provides pricing data, buyers still need personal market knowledge and research to negotiate effectively.
  • Recommendations and analysis may be skewed positively towards partner builders.

User Rating: 4.2/5

User Review: Brick&Bolt did a fantastic job; they were quick, efficient, and very professional.


PropTiger is a Proptech startup founded by Harvard Business School, IIT, and ISB alumni with decades of combined real estate experience in India and abroad. It has teams of real estate professionals in cities such as Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. The startup’s team is well-versed in every aspect of home purchase. They will help you narrow down your options, choose the ideal house for you, and complete the final paperwork related to the sale.


  • Data and analytics to help customers make decisions.
  • They ensure transparency in transaction processing.
  • Empower users to assist their clients with house loans and land registrations by providing software and analytical data.


  • As listings are aggregated from multiple sources, some duplicity of listings is possible.
  • Builder promotions are featured, indicating the potential for biased projections.
  • Contact with sellers/owners must be initiated through the associated agents listed.

User Rating: 4.1/5

User Review: I got the best interest rate with PropTiger, and the documentation work was smooth.

Ziffy Homes

ZiffyHomes is a living oasis for young professionals, offering beautiful living spaces, a vibrant community, exceptional services, and full-time assistance to all our customers. It is a technologically advanced house-renting marketplace that makes it simple to rent a property.

The company provides tenants with ready-to-move-in private rooms for extended stays with no maintenance concerns, the convenience of online rent payment, and the freedom to roam between its properties. Sanchal Ranjan and Saurabh Kumar founded ZiffyHomes in 2015 to deliver the finest living standards for young professionals while relieving them of the stress of house hunting.

Research Methodology

Every real estate company on our list provides cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experiences. These companies are developing entirely new business models and rethinking the costumer experience, from building supplies to selling homes.

Real estate brokers should consider investing in these items to compete in the forthcoming property market. You could discover that some of the tools on this list are just what you need. And in case you’re curious about the criteria we used to shortlist individuals for this list, they were:

Various Options: First, we tried offering as many options as possible. For example, Brick&Bolt is a PropTech company that provides building infrastructure materials. Furlenco, on the other hand, specializes in assisting home designers with furniture rentals for their homes.

Screening criteria: The preliminary list of startups was then reviewed using the following criteria to shortlist the top companies:

  1. It should be incorporated in India.
  2. Must have secured at least one round of external funding.
  3. Technology must be a key service, not only a feature.

Funding Details: Next, we concentrated on gathering information regarding PropTech businesses in India that have received significant funding from investors. For this, we searched trustworthy startup databases such as CrunchBase, Tracxn, and Venture Intelligence and reviewed current news on the Indian PropTech sector.

User Reviews: The Indian PropTech industry is still quite new, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover tools with many user reviews on unbiased review platforms. We sought to include PropTech startups with authentic client testimonials.

How Ozonetel Helps PropTech Companies Deliver Superior Experiences

PropTech companies aim to enhance the real estate experience through technology. PropTech companies must deliver a seamless, compliant, and effective service to stand out in this competitive industry. Ozonetel provides solutions to help PropTech companies achieve this superior experience. Let’s find out more!

Capture And Ensure Campaign Effectiveness

Ozonetel gives PropTech companies in-depth analytics into critical sales and marketing metrics, providing visibility into what is and isn’t working. Granular tracking shows the number of calls and specifics like duration, transfers, IVR navigation, source, recordings, and, most importantly, conversions.

Advanced call-scoring algorithms even rate the effectiveness of individual agents. This data allows managers to optimize routing to match the right agents and campaigns to the highest potential leads. They can also identify coaching opportunities at the agent level. Besides, Ozonetel autodialer for real estate will help you efficiently reach out to potential clients and streamline your communication process.

Seamless Pre-Sales Process

By integrating directly with mainstream CRM platforms, Ozonetel saves agents from constant app switching. Caller IDs automatically trigger screen pops with relevant customer history, allowing personalized conversations. With a single click, agents can log calls, schedule follow-ups, qualify leads, and update account details without navigating across multiple systems.

Workflows tailored to the real estate sales process further simplify lead handling. Agents progress opportunities through predefined stages while automatic notifications keep stakeholders updated in real-time.

Assured Compliance

Ozonetel records every interaction, providing easy retrieval in case audits demand evidence. Speech analytics detect risky conversations and non-compliant language so managers can promptly intervene. Custom prompts and notifications guide agents during calls, preventing deviations from policy.

Robust access controls restrict unauthorized access, while encryption keeps sensitive information secure. Detailed audit trails track all system access and changes – proving adherence even years later.

Improved Follow Ups

Setting follow-ups is effortless with configurable CTI-driven triggers tailored to each deal stage. Automatic reminders prompt agents to make calls at just the right times. No more remembering or searching through notes to call back – it just happens.

Smarter routing also connects prospects to the last, most knowledgeable agent without requiring repeats of their background. With context retained, the pre-sales process stays personal while moving smoothly between interactions.

Mobile Sales Solution

The Ozonetel mobile app brings all system capabilities to agents’ fingertips for demos, open houses, meetings, and more. Optimized interfaces work seamlessly, whether on networks or offline. Core features like click-to-call, screen pops, logging, notifications, and reminders keep agents productive from anywhere. 

With mobile access to the full range of system functions, agents can capture leads, progress opportunities, and provide amazing service regardless of location or context.

Automated Post Sales

Ozonetel gives a voice to PropTech brands even after sales close through personalized, interactive voice bots. Conversational IVR delivers swift resolutions for post-purchase inquiries like order status, documentation, financing, etc.

VIP customers receive dedicated numbers with bots tailored to their unique needs. For more complex issues, seamless transfers connect customers to the right agents without frustrating repeats. Post-sales care becomes smoother for both clients and PropTech reps. 

A Leading Real Estate Company Doubled Site Visits with Ozonetel AI

With Ozonetel’s conversational intelligence solution, a leading real estate company analyzed 1,30,000 sales conversations across multiple parameters, eliminating variability in evaluations for call scoring weightage. With our solutions, they were able to track tone of voice, customer sentiment, and use of critical keywords — across thousands of conversations, in minutes.

  • built a custom dashboard with near real-time speech transcription across 8 vernacular languages.
  • supervisors and business heads got 360° visibility into the performance of hundreds of sales agents, projects, and sales campaigns.
  • supervisors got regular alerts anytime an agent missed pitching a site visit.

Higher Sales & 20 X ROI

Pitches for ‘site visits’ during sales conversations increased by 67%.

This led to increased sales and a 20X return on investment


By providing PropTech companies with intelligent tools across the entire property journey, Ozonetel enables brands to deliver best-in-class experiences. PropTech partners unlock simplified sales processes, peak marketing performance, regulatory assurance, and superior customer care with Ozonetel solutions.

The PropTech market is thriving, and funds continue entering the real estate sector, particularly building and property management. The firms highlighted in the article provide compelling new products that help customers save money and time while also allowing them to avoid social contact and physical proximity, which is now a significant concern.

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