What Are the Top Edtech Companies in India? And How Do Customers Rate Them?

Prashanth Kancherla

Oct 30, 2023 | 9 mins read

India’s edtech industry is experiencing rapid growth, projected to reach $10.4 billion by 2025, with 37 million paid edtech users. While the covid-induced pandemic led to a massive boom in the edtech segment, a correction was due in K12 segment as students were keener on hybrid models. The edtech sector’s growth can largely be attributed to increasing internet penetration and smartphone adoption, the rising disposable income and aspirations of the middle class, and the large and young population with a high need for skill development.

Given the barrage of edtech companies flooding the market, it’s a real challenge for students to find an ideal platform that perfectly aligns with their learning needs. Parents and students sift through numerous choices to identify trustworthy and quality platforms. They also weigh in factors like ease of use, affordability, and data privacy before parents often rely on feedback and reviews from other users to assess their effectiveness and suitability. In this article, we will look at the top edtech platforms in India and how they fare based on user experience.  

Top EdTech Companies in India

Here is the list of top edutech companies in India based on their user ratings.


Unacademy, India’s leading learning platform, offers a comprehensive solution for effective exam preparation. It provides access to top educators with extensive knowledge and success in their fields. With a wealth of course material, including video lectures, live classes, and quizzes, Unacademy ensures a thorough understanding of subjects.

Unacademy makes education available to everyone by empowering teachers and fostering a community of self-learners. They provide courses for the JEE, NEET, ESE, UPSC, and competitive programming, engineering, and accountancy.

Also, this platform ensures interactive learning through live courses and allows direct interaction with instructors and peers, facilitating a deeper understanding of the material. Instructors keep up with the latest exam patterns and trends, and peer learning opportunities enhance the overall learning experience of students. 


  • Unacademy offers comprehensive content for competitive exams, including current affairs, detailed topic-wise videos, and practice.
  • Qualified and passionate tutors for skill development.
  • A wide range of course options.
  • Both web and app versions.


  • According to some users, mains preparation courses are slightly overpriced.
  • Need for improvement in free courses.
  • Technical issues include constant updates, video playback, and lag during live classes.

User ratings: According to G2, unacademy’s overall user rating is 4.6 out of 5.

User reviews: I am one of the users of unacademy. I like how the mentors teach and guide, and they will give tips and tricks for competitive exams such as GATE, UPSC, BANK EXAMS, SSC and other competitive exams.”  


Vedantu’s premium subscription provides all-encompassing educational help for students. The edtech platform offers live, interactive classes, study guides, Q&A sessions, and efficient revision methods. With year-long exclusive live courses, 24/7 access to class recordings, chapter-by-chapter topic-based lectures, frequent assignments, and thorough exam series, Vedantu guarantees academic success. 

The multi-teacher model, live quizzes, All India test series, and parent-teacher meetings contribute to your holistic learning experience. It’s a cost-effective investment that guarantees personalized attention, in-depth study materials, immediate doubt resolution, and flexible, interactive learning, making it an ideal choice for students aspiring to achieve top ranks in NEET and JEE.


  • An effective approach to addressing students’ doubts and difficulties.
  • Appreciation for the 18-hour daily doubt-solving feature in Vedantu’s app.
  • Positive feedback on teaching techniques.


  • Some users find Vedantu’s course prices to be on the higher side.

User ratings: Vedantu’s NPS user rating is 44, which is a good rating.

User reviews: It is India’s best learning app- I got good rank in jee main.teachers are very good and quality of classes are awesome.you can trust vedantu.”


Founded in 2011, Byju’s offers a comprehensive and engaging educational platform that focuses on making learning enjoyable. With a wide range of subjects covered and interactive multimedia lessons, this edutech company aims to foster a love for learning among students. The personalized learning approach adapts to each child’s progress and learning style, ensuring targeted support and challenges. Students can learn independently, revisit lessons, and access resources for exam preparation and performance analysis. 

In addition, Byju’s encourages parental involvement, providing tools for parents to monitor their child’s progress and actively support their education. With accessibility on various devices, it offers convenience and flexibility in a child’s learning routine.


  • Easy, trustworthy study materials.
  • Creative and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Helpful test materials and teaching techniques.
  • Responsive customer support for technical issues.


  • Persistent technical problems 
  • Unhelpful online support.
  • Some users faced negative experiences with the sales team and refund issues.

User Ratings:

Byju’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is –12.

  • 37% Promoters
  • 14% Passives 
  • 49% Detractors 

User Reviews : “Byju’s is one of the best platforms for study and learning the chapters in a smart way, with animations and fun”


upGrad stands as a versatile and advantageous choice for online education with a host of practical benefits. Its flexible schedule and timings accommodate diverse learning preferences, while the cost-effective nature of online courses makes it accessible to a broad range of students. The edtech platform boasts a wide array of industry-relevant courses, democratizing education from data science to digital marketing.  

Also, easy access to course materials, combined with job opportunities and placements, empowers learners to swiftly apply their knowledge. upGrad’s high-level learning ecosystem, 360-degree career support, and promising salary prospects distinguish it.


  • Extensive course library.
  • Partnerships with reputed universities in India and globally.
  • Cost-effective tool.
  • Ability to download courses for offline viewing.
  • It is a great learning platform with trending courses and top mentors.
  • In-depth coverage of topics with practicals and hands-on projects.


  • The video player needs improvement.
  • Mobile applications can be more intuitive.
  • Excessive spamming and referral messages from upGrad.
  • High course prices may not be affordable for some.
  • Lack of in-person teaching methodology for those who prefer it.

User Ratings:

Based on G2’s 57 reviews upGrad overall rating is 4.1 out of 5

User Reviews: – “Convenience is a significant advantage of using a platform like upGrad. Students can access classes from anywhere at any time.” 


Toppr is a revolutionary online education platform that transforms the way students prepare for exams like IIT JEE, AIPMT, and other boards in India. It focuses on providing a personalized and technology-driven learning experience that complements offline coaching centers.

 With over 1 lakh questions in its question bank, this edtech company tailors the preparation journey for each student. Instant feedback reports, strength/weakness analyses, interactive forums, and expert content make it an ideal choice.

The platform also features Ask an Expert, Ask with Snaps for doubt resolution, extensive study materials, and practice questions for exams like NEET, AIIMS, and Olympiads. With a strong success rate, Toppr is democratizing test preparation and making quality education accessible to students across India. It’s a one-stop guide for those seeking academic excellence.


  • Comprehensive platform for competitive exam preparation.
  • High-quality study material and expertly designed test series.
  • Interactive features like doubt-solving sessions and live classes enhance the learning experience.


  • Some incorrect answers may lead to confusion.
  • Low-quality videos and a lack of visualization.
  • It may not cater to the State board syllabus and lacks flexibility.

User ratings: Toppr’s MouthShut Score is 3.02 based on 3000 reviews.

User reviews:  “Worth the money spending on Toppr- Videos and lectures on Toppr are of good explanation. The quality of notes and questions are worth the price.”


Simplilearn Institute provides globally recognized certifications in fields like IT, business, design, and more. Their certifications serve as valuable credentials for professional development. They offer a wide range of certifications applicable across various industries. 

Students can take demo classes to ensure the teaching aligns with their learning style. Additionally, the edtech company clarifies students’ doubts – whether they seek accreditation, a degree, or a certificate. 

Simplilearn offers both pre-recorded and live classes, catering to diverse preferences, and emphasizes on real-world examples in their courses. Finally, ensure the course schedule fits your availability and offers flexibility.


  • Option to choose between self-paced learning or online boot camps.
  • Live instructor-led lectures are provided for some courses.
  • Certificates from Simplilearn are recognized and hold value.
  • Excellent and responsive customer support through phone and live chat.
  • Mobile apps available on Android and iOS.
  • Downloadable course content for offline viewing.
  • Community features for interaction, feedback, and guidance.
  • Offers a 7-day free trial.


  • Smaller course library with around 400+ courses.
  • Courses are only available in English without subtitles.
  • Some customer reviews express dissatisfaction with the course quality, which may need improvement.

User ratings: Simplilearn user rating on Trustpilot is 4.5 out of 5. Which is considered an excellent rating.

User reviews  “The arrangements and the faculty assigned were worth and Classroom, facilities, faculties everything were simply superb.”

Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey started Physics Wallah as a YouTube channel in 2014, and it has now expanded into a family of more than 6 million students. Physics Wallah offers a variety of learning tools, including live classes, video lectures, test series, notes, assignments, and more, to provide excellent education for JEE/NEET/NDA/GATE/UPSC candidates at a reasonable price.

On the platform, free access to material is offered around 90% of the time. Independent of their family’s financial situation, all children should have access to education, according to the creator, Alakh Pandey. The distinctiveness of the platform is found in its teacher-led paradigm, which lends credibility and relatability to people.

The eductech platform provide personalized study plans tailored to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring an optimized learning experience. Moreover, the experienced faculty’s expertise, simplified concepts, and structured study material enhance the educational journey.


  • Affordable education for competitive exams.
  • Passionate and clear teachers.
  • Wide range of resources for various exams.
  • Easy-to-understand content with concise notes.


  • Lengthy online lectures (up to 2 hours).
  • Varied teaching pace.
  • Exam reminders can be irritating.
  • Suggested improvements in facilities.

User rating: Physics Wallah, G2 rating is 4.6 out of 5

User reviews: A boon for today’s generation


iQuanta is a popular e-learning platform for MBA aspirants. They provide student-centric CAT coaching through their innovative online platform. iQuanta also offers coaching for UPSC, government and banking examinations, study abroad, and MBA tutoring. Their methodology combines dual teaching, high subject relevancy, and a round-the-clock mechanism for clearing doubts. Teachers are approachable, ensuring students can solve their doubts in real time.


  • Experienced and supportive faculty.
  • Quality course content with videos and assignments.
  • Unique shortcuts, concepts, tricks, and techniques for CAT preparation.
  • Affordable pricing compared to other institutes.


  • Some student mention difficulties in keeping up with the pace of the course, which can be seen as a drawback for some learners.

User Reviews: “This platform is a boon for CAT aspirants. Hundreds of students appreciate this platform and teachers.” You can read their students’ reviews.


Adda247, an ed-tech platform, is revolutionizing education, focusing on government job exam preparation. Founded by Anil Nagar and Saurabh Bansal in 2016, it seeks to make quality education accessible and affordable for students across India. The platform offers online live classes, on-demand video courses, mock tests, and e-books, covering over 500 competitive exams in more than 12 vernacular languages.

Adda247’s success is built on its commitment to providing expert solutions, creating an interactive learning environment, and addressing a wide range of subjects. It offers an app for convenient access to doubt sessions, study materials, mock tests, and more. 


  • Effective learning
  • Detailed explanations of teaching methods.
  • Excellent Faculty
  • Thorough exam analysis


  • Customer service issues.

User Rating:

3 out of 5

User Reviews:Really appreciated the service The faculties are excellent who excellent your level i studies and Jigesh sir here is excellent.”


Scaler offers a learning experience that is focused on students. Their programs are designed to equip you with cutting-edge skills that will prepare you for a career in the tech industry. You’ll have access to free live classes and top tech experts who will act as your instructors. 

With bespoke programs for all skill levels, real-world projects, and one-on-one mentorship, they ensure that you are career-ready. With Scaler you can get a hike in your CTC as well. Therefore, you can choose this platform to upskill in this competitive world. 

As a Scaler student, you join a thriving alumni community, enjoy real-world project experience, and gain access to globally recognized programs. Join Scaler if you’re hungry for tech learning and career growth.


  • Comprehensive curriculum.
  • Real-world projects.
  • Experienced mentors.


  • Referral-focused approach.
  • Online exam and policy problems.

User Rating:

G2: 4.8/5

User Reviews: ” The way the complete course structure is organized, including the classes, course supplements, assignments, homework (different from assignments), and mentor sessions. Everything is well thought out.”


To sum up, India’s edtech sector stands at the forefront of educational transformation, offering students and educators many opportunities to excel academically. These top edtech companies have harnessed the power of technology and redefined the learning experience, making it more accessible, engaging, and effective. 

One thing remains clear as they evolve and adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape. These companies are shaping the future of education in India and beyond, providing a brighter and more accessible path for learners of all ages.

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