Omnichannel+ Customer Engagement Solution: Elevating CX for Superior Growth

Prashanth Kancherla

May 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Most businesses today claim to offer an omnichannel experience, but it’s easier said than done. Being truly omnichannel requires a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences along with the ability to engage and serve them simultaneously across channels. 

For example, if a customer is buying insurance and needs the payment link on WhatsApp while speaking to the agent. Or, if an agent needs KYC documents from a customer to expedite loan processing that’s already been approved. In the past, this would have meant ending the call and initiating a separate conversation via email or messaging app. This could lead to delays and potentially lost opportunities.

So, how can businesses tackle these challenges and ensure a seamless user experience? So, how can businesses tackle these challenges? How to implement an effective omnichannel strategy and ensure seamless user experience? Here’s how we can solve this.

Use Any Two Channels Together, At the Same Time

Businesses need to empower their agents to engage with customers on any two channels simultaneously for faster service and higher sales. This approach allows agents to solve customer issues in a single interaction, thereby reducing their workload, improving productivity, and boosting customer satisfaction. 

To achieve this, we have introduced an industry-first innovation: the omnichannel + customer engagement solution that enables businesses to engage with customers on any two channels at the same time. 

Among its various offerings is the Voice & WhatsApp functionality that enables businesses to engage with customers on both voice calls and WhatsApp at the same time. Now, your agents need not be restricted to one channel at a time. 

  • Facilitate quick document exchange  
  • Send payment links and other rich text media  
  • Resolve customer issues over a single interaction  

In the digital world, when customers engage on different channels for the same issue and deal with different agents, they often find themselves repeating information and being misunderstood. This leads to lost context and breaks in the conversation, making it challenging to maintain continuity in communication. With this feature, we aim to eliminate fragmented interactions, offer real-time assistance, and deliver a unified experience to your customers – all from one CX platform.

Seamlessly Engage Customers on Voice and WhatsApp Simultaneously


Before diving into its benefits, let’s first understand how the Voice & WhatsApp functionality work. Here’s a breakdown of this innovative feature:

Tagged Conversations When an agent sends a message to a customer during a call, the conversation is tagged. This ensures that when the customer responds, the message goes back to the same agent, maintaining continuity.

Template-based message: Initial messages to customers are in template format, ensuring consistency and compliance as per company standards.

Channel Switching: With the ability to switch between channels, agents can choose which one to continue with, ensuring communication flexibility.

Admin Access: As an admin, you have access to all the chat conversations, allowing you to review interactions across channels seamlessly.

Detailed Channel Information: Detailed information about chat history and stored documents is available similar to the typical CDR report for voice calls.

Integration Benefits: While non-voice & voice reports are not combined, integration with CRM or CDP platforms consolidates conversations, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Our platform empowers agents to address queries & concerns of customers and prospects in real-time during ongoing calls, leading to faster issue resolution and increased sales.

Benefits of Using Voice & WhatsApp Together

Voice & WhatsApp functionality has the potential to significantly impact customer engagement, improve sales efficiency, and accelerate customer service responsiveness. Here’s how this functionality ensures seamless interactions and benefits customers.

Simultaneous Engagement: With Voice & WhatsApp, agents can engage with the customer on voice calls and messaging apps at the same time, allowing for unified & seamless engagement. They can address queries in real-time, leading to faster issue resolution and increased sales.

Contextual Conversations: No more repetition or misunderstandings. With Voice & WhatsApp, context is preserved, and conversational continuity is maintained, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Customizable Options: Businesses can customize the Voice & WhatsApp functionality according to their specific needs. Whether it’s keeping channels sticky for a certain period, enabling customers to engage with the same agent or tailoring communication preferences to match customer history, we offer the flexibility to enhance customer experiences.

Improved Efficiency: Agents can now handle multiple conversations simultaneously, increasing productivity and efficiency. With Voice & WhatsApp, businesses can deliver truly omnichannel experiences, meeting customer expectations and staying ahead of the competition.

Reduced Workload: With Voice & WhatsApp, the workload on sales and service teams is significantly reduced as they can seamlessly handle both chat and call functions. This integration streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures that teams can serve customers more effectively.

Improved First Call Resolution (FCR): By resolving issues in real-time across multiple channels, businesses can significantly improve their FCR rates. This ultimately leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.


To sum up, Ozonetel’s Omnichannel + Customer Engagement Solution represents a significant leap forward in customer engagement, offering businesses the tools they need to deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences. With this functionality, businesses can proactively fulfill customer needs, drive satisfaction, and foster long-term loyalty.

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