Engage Meaningfully. Nurture Trust at Every Step of the Patient Journey

India’s fastest-growing Healthtech brands create truly personal omnichannel experiences — efficiently & at scale — with Ozonetel CCaaS
Robust Cloud Technology
Seamless Integrations
Intelligent & Automation ready

How Do You Transform Patient Experience With Ozonetel CCaaS?

  • Meet patients where they are Let patients book appointments, access reports, and receive medical advice on their preferred channel.
  • Balance Human & AI Resolve simple queries with Self-service IVR & Chatbots. Seamlessly handover complex queries to agents.
  • Personalize the journey Use CTI integrations to recognize patients. Offer conversational continuity between calls & chats.
  • Optimally route & distribute calls With multi-level IVR menus, call prioritization, and advanced routing options.
  • Automate callbacks & outbound calls With advanced dialers that seamlessly integrate with your CRM and HMS software.
  • Optimize performance 70+ reports, live dashboards, and AI-based insights to monitor agents and track campaign performance with ease.
  • Streamline bookings Integrate with third-party applications to smoothly automate appointment scheduling and rescheduling.
  • Ease report collection Notify customers of their report status & send e-reports on their preferred channel.
  • Automate Reminders Trigger notifications from CRM to remind patients of appointments, follow-ups, medical refills, and renewals.
  • Orchestrate meaningful journeys Build lasting patient relationships through personalized offers, advice, and post-care support.
  • Add care & consistency Connect patients with same agents regardless of their channel choice for meaningful engagement.
  • Transform agents into trusted advisors Let agents securely view patient details while critical identifiers such as phone numbers remain masked.
  • Click to call. Make it easy for patients to connect with clinicians & doctors. Auto-forward calls to mobile phones when needed.
  • Virtual Numbers. Use number masking feature across mobile phone, landline, and desktop for enhanced privacy.
  • Automated IVR. For clinicians or doctors to check, accept, cancel, or reschedule upcoming appointments.

Trusted by India’s Leading Healthcare Brands

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