30% more efficient outbound calling

How this outbound call center began saving 30 minutes of agent time daily.


It is important to keep your contact center performance at its optimum, especially in an industry that is always on the go. An outbound call center approached Ozonetel to reduce the amount of time their agents spent on each call and improve their outbound call performance. Let’s dive into how they achieved this.


The contact center team lacked the ability to display the necessary information on their screens while on calls. Hence, screen shuffling consumed valuable time for agents and customers alike. To reduce the average call handling time, it was important to display all the customer’s details in one place. Also, to ensure all calls were distributed evenly among agents, a system needed to be implemented so every call would be attended to and no agent would be left idle for long.


The time spent updating the LMS each day has been reduced by more than 30 minutes, resulting in more capacity and an increase in agent productivity.

Ozonetel’s auto dialers enabled a quick resolution to all the call center’s problems. Our insightful agent dashboard delivered a detailed and quick display of all customer data right on the agents’ screens. This revolutionized the way agents can handle their calls and reduced the average call time dramatically!

Also, due to manual pushes being required, the agent avail time was averaging around 2 hours. However, with the real-time push from CRM to dialers, the call center has seen an average drop of 30+ mins in agent idle time per agent, per day. With more capacity freeing up, the agents are spending more time talking to prospects compared to previous months.

Key benefits

  • Average CRM time decreased by more than 30 minutes daily
  • Agent avail/idle time dropped by 30 mins daily
  • Average talk time increased
  • Daily retails increased
  • Dialer SLA decreased from 4.5 hours to within 30 minutes
  • No unified view of customer data
  • Higher average call handling time
  • No automatic call distribution system
  • Poor agent productivity
Tools & Features Used
  • Auto dialers
  • Screen pop within CRM
Key Results Achieved
  • Avg CRM time reduced by 30+ minutes
  • Avg talk time reduced
  • Increased daily retails
  • SLA reduced from 4.5 hrs to 30 minutes
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