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What is quality monitoring in a call center?

Quality monitoring in a call center is about ensuring that agent performance is aligned with your business goals. This includes tracking your service levels and other contact center metrics and identifying any reasons why your agents may not be meeting these goals.

The right call monitoring software helps you to identify patterns, identify areas of improvement and reveal a deep understanding of how to improve your customer and agent experience.

A comprehensive, cloud-based solution that the whole team can access from anywhere

Call center monitoring no longer happens with over-the-shoulder supervision or individual spot checks. It takes precise and powerful call center QA tools to get the job done. And Ozonetel's cloud-based solution delivers everything customer service teams & sales managers need to supervise agents whether they're at home or on-premise. Whether you’re managing a small team, large team, in-office, or remote, this call quality monitoring software is the way to go.

Live Call Center Dashboard

Get a real-time view of activities taking place across the contact center with a dashboard that updates every 5 seconds. What can you see? Everything you need to take a quick pulse on agent performance, customer satisfaction, and system-wide operations.

Check Critical Customer Metrics
Maintain General Agent Oversight
Monitor Agent Efficiency
Monitor System Issues

Call Monitoring Software

View agent performance in real-time from a single call monitoring dashboard that updates every 5 seconds. See their statistics, monitor calls, and interact with them as needed.

Call Center Screen Monitoring

Get a continuous live view of their call center interface so you can monitor, record, and interact with your agent’s working screens. This call center screen monitoring tool provides everything you need to manage your agents at a distance.

Use it to help onboard agents, conduct live training, intercept poor workflows, and inform your quality assurance program.

Speech Analytics

Improve call quality monitoring with live AI conversation analytics. With this call center QA tool, you can monitor every single call while lowering your direct supervision workload.

How? This AI call center monitoring picks up keywords, voice pitch, volume shifts, speech rates, and more.

Call Center Daily Report

See the big picture and detailed information from over 70 call center monitoring reports. You’ll have reports on every metric or agent at your disposal.

Analyze Omnichannel Customer Interactions with Ozonetel

Contact center management doesn’t consist of disparate compartmentalized tasks. It all has to flow and work together. That’s why you need a single contact center solution with its own native quality monitoring tools. That’s Ozonetel. The robust enterprise-worthy, cloud-based call monitoring software you can rely on for your entire management operations.

What to look for in the Best Call Center Software

Interactive Voice Response

Offer multi-levels menus & self-service on all incoming calls.

CRM Integrations
CRM Integrations

Pre-built integrations with Salesforce, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, Hubspot, & Zendesk

Call Recordings

Easily record conversations & log the call recording within your ticketing software

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FAQs on Call Center Monitoring

Call monitoring is used to assess the contact center’s in-call performance. It informs management on how well agents are doing and how effective the customer service is.

It should be used to refine the call center’s systems and communication protocols. It can also be used to gather customer insights.

Real-time call monitoring is when supervisors, managers, or customer account reps listen in on calls as they happen.

Call monitoring software should give managers the ability to listen in on all customer interactions, coach the service agents, and speak directly with customers. All three capabilities are essential.

Agents shouldn’t always be aware of when they are or are not being monitored. At other times, supervisors will need to provide agents with information without the customer being aware. And managers need the ability to step into a call without it being transferred or having the customer put on hold.

For the ultimate in call center QM, call centers should monitor, record, and assess every call.

This is where live AI sentiment analysis capabilities come in. Advanced AI is the only realistic way to ensure 100% call monitoring. It can analyze in real-time, alert supervisors when issues arise or quality slips, and deliver historical insights. Supervisors can rely on this to determine which calls to listen in on.

Supervisors should also do spontaneous monitoring and agent spot-checking. This frequency can be adjusted based on the agent’s performance history. Supervisors should try to listen in on at least two to three calls per agent in a week. Others may need closer call monitoring, particularly when dealing with challenging customers or extensive problems.

Call center QM refers to call center quality management or quality monitoring. It focuses on systematically improving the contact center’s efficiency and performance outcomes.

This is an active process for managing the level of customer service delivered. It requires real-time listening along with agent interception, when necessary.

Call center QM isn’t subjective. It relies on historical performance data and deep behavioral analysis to continually improve the service level of agent-customer interactions.

How do you measure quality in a call center? Call center quality is measured with key QA metrics that assess both agent performance and customer satisfaction.

These can include first contact resolution, customer effort score, average call abandonment rate, the average time in queue, first response time, the average speed of answer, average abandonment rate, and more.

First contact resolution might be the one metric most indicative of call center quality as it measures how often customer inquiries are resolved within one call. Other metrics like average speed of answer and average time in queue indicate how efficient the contact center agents are.

  • Set your internal standards for what good customer service looks like
  • Use call center metrics to guide your understanding of what is and isn’t important
  • Implement real-time monitoring right across the call center
  • Rely on AI for complete call monitoring coverage with instantly generated insights
  • Work with both historical and present data to improve the day-to-day operations and make long-term progress

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