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How to make customers feel like a VIP

How to ensure premium customer care for high-value customers. Because exceptional customers should be made to feel special on every call (or chat)   Platinum, gold, silver. It sounds great when you award these titles to customers. But if they still have a tough time getting through your customer service helplines, these feel-good distinctions will seem pointless. We all know that certain customers are very valuable. But consider this: How does a loyal promoter feel when s/he calls customer support and has to wait endlessly in a queue? Or what experience are you giving a regular customer when you connect [...]

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Experiencing Contact Centers in 2019

This year, UX design in contact centers will be the deliberate process of shaping how your customers, agents, and managers interact with the brand new technologies on offer. Bots that can have near-human conversations. Digital assistants calling contact centers for their owners. Artificial intelligence predicting customer behavior. We’ve covered the expected contact center technology trends for 2019 in our blog and been quoted in other media. But what will these trends mean for UX design? If 2018 was the year for giving UX or user experience design its due, 2019 will be the year to take this experience to a [...]

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Infographic: How did Contact Centers Perform in 2018?

A visual synopsis of contact center performance in the year that was. Did you know that 12% callers abandon their calls in the queue? This was in spite of an average queue time of 75 seconds. In the meanwhile, in outbound call centers only 44% of the calls dialed are actually answered. For those who haven't found the time to download our Contact Center Performance Report  2018-19, here is a quick visual overview. It covers: Average time in queue or how long callers have waited in the queue to listen get connected. How many callers gave up and disconnected while [...]

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Contact Center Trends 2019.

How will technology impact and improve the contact center in 2019? 4 of our experts weigh in. “The success of assistants like Google Home and Alexa has shown that voice is the most natural interface. In 2019, expect voice channels to pop up everywhere. Inside apps, on websites, in emails, in chats. Bots will become an integral part of business communication. Assistants will enter the contact center giving new tools to both agents and managers. AI will monitor every contact center interaction. CRM, Support Centers, Contact Centers, Sales…all these systems will continue to merge. Boundaries will blur as information flows [...]

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What ensures an intuitive, efficient contact center UX?

What ensures an intuitive, efficient contact center UX? Correct answer: You. Because it is only by looping in all users from start to finish, at every stage of the UX design process, that an intuitive, efficient contact center UX evolves. Right from the time a caller connects to a contact center with a query to the time that the query is resolved, a group of people armed with the latest technology work behind the scenes to ensure a hassle-free, pleasant experience. This is what UX or user experience design is about. It is an elaborate process involving a team of [...]

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