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Top 5 ways to reduce customer wait times

00:00 09 March in Ozonetel by kimsuka

Don't keep callers waiting on hold or on long call queues. These 5 resources outline the top ways to reduce hold times for your customer: Keep call queues short. Our call queue management blog outlines how automatic call distribution, fallback rules, reports, voice mail and...

Lessons from CES2019 for customer communications

00:00 08 February in Ozonetel by kimsuka

If you are involved in shaping your business’s customer interactions, then the world’s largest consumer electronics show might have some unexpected insights for you. For managers shaping and measuring customer experience, CES means one thing: the all-important indexing of your Customer Effort Score. But there is...

Contact Center Trends 2019.

00:00 09 January in Ozonetel by kimsuka

How will technology impact and improve the contact center in 2019? 4 of our experts weigh in. “The success of assistants like Google Home and Alexa has shown that voice is the most natural interface. In 2019, expect voice channels to pop up everywhere. Inside apps,...

All About CTI Screen Pops

00:00 21 October in Ozonetel by kimsuka

A screen pop is one of the most basic and useful features of a good CTI integration with your CRM or ticketing software. This article explains what it is, the benefits of having one, and everything you should look for in your screen pop. What is...

Virtual Call Center Software Selection Guide

00:00 20 October in Ozonetel by kimsuka

A virtual call center is one where agents are geographically dispersed as opposed to being in a brick and mortar building. Virtual call centers are popular thanks to the advent of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology and a chunk of the workforce opting to...