Why Use Real-Time Speech Analytics in the Call Center?

Anita Raghav

Nov 21, 2023 | 5 mins read

Speech Analytics is 95% more accurate and 15x faster at processing data than a person. So when are you using Speech Analytics in your call center? Using Speech Analytics on your recordings can be useful, but the real benefits are when you use it in real-time.

Ozonetel’s Frost & Sullivan-recognized real-time Speech Analytics Dashboard can display how fast or slow your agents are speaking, how loudly or softly they are speaking, as well as what your customer sentiment is during the call. It can alert for curse word usage or the usage of keywords such as greetings or deflections from a given script.

The main benefit is that call center managers don’t have to go through call recordings or wait for a QA team to give them reports. In a call center, where time is of the essence, this is critical. It gives managers and supervisors the data they need to act now, instead of later.

Here are 3 benefits of using Ozonetel’s award-winning, real-time Speech Analytics dashboard:

3 benefits of using Ozonetel’s award-winning, real-time Speech Analytics dashboard

Monitor customer sentiment in real-time.

Customer satisfaction is a key measure of call center performance.

Typically, you measure these satisfaction rates by surveying customers after a call (when the damage is already done).  In contrast, with speech analytics, you can measure sentiment in real-time. When you see a drop in customer sentiment, you can take immediate steps to rectify this.

Prevent escalations.

When customer speech volume or curse word usage rises, or sentiment sharply declines, you get alerts immediately. This lets you barge-in and intervene faster.

Assess 100% Calls.

It is just not humanly possible to manually go through hours of call recordings. With AI, you improve quality assessment by analyzing every single call.

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