Driving Customer-centric Growth: Why Does Your Business Need a Customer Experience Platform?

Rakesh Kr Jha

Oct 20, 2023 | 7 mins read

The impact of customer experience (CX) on your business is like a ripple effect—small actions can create big waves. The following statistics speak volumes:

  • 89% of consumers switch to other brands after having a poor experience.
  • Over two-thirds of marketers say they compete mostly based on CX. 
  • 42% of customers will pay more when offered a friendly, welcoming CX

But how can businesses consistently deliver these superior experiences? 

The answer lies in building a robust CX strategy, but technology plays a vital role too. This article looks at the pivotal role Customer Experience Platforms (CXPs) play in modern businesses, enabling them to measure, manage, and enhance customer interactions across touchpoints. 

Let’s begin by understanding what a Customer Experience Platform truly means.

What is a Customer Experience Platform?

A Customer Experience Platform (CXP), often abbreviated as CX platform, is a comprehensive software solution designed to manage and optimize interactions between a business and its customers through the entire customer journey. 

It acts as a centralized hub that integrates data, channels, and processes to ensure seamless and personalized customer experiences.

A unified CX platform today includes multiple components: Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), CPaaS(Communication Platform as a service), CDP (Customer Data Platform), Conversational AI, and CRM Integrations. 

With all these components together, on a single platform, businesses can engage customers more consistently and easily across both voice and digital channels. They can gather data from various sources such as CRM systems, social media, or customer feedback and create a unified customer profile. They can personalize conversations. They can leverage AI to continually track and analyze ongoing customer conversations, automate routine interactions, and monitor and manage agent performance.

Now, let’s pivot to the real-world implications of these functionalities and see how these features translate into tangible business benefits:

Business Benefits of Implementing a Customer Experience Platform

Implementing a customer experience platform can yield numerous benefits for businesses across various industries. Some of these advantages include:

Improved Customer Service & Customer Retention

Customer-centric businesses understand the value of being available for their customers when they need them the most. They focus on how excellent customer service can transform a disgruntled customer into a happy one, reduce churn rates, increase referrals, and ensure repeat business. 

A unified customer experience platform makes it efficient for businesses to offer this kind of excellent customer service across multiple channels. This platform typically has many in-built features that help automate workflows and resolve customer problems faster. But more importantly, it helps companies understand what customers want and how they feel about a product or service. It helps them identify the actual problems their customers face and make systemic changes to correct these problems

Example: BigBasket maintains an industry-leading customer retention rate of 85 percent. The e-commerce firm leverages our CX platform to answer customer calls within seconds and capture critical customer data so that they can continually improve and reduce customer complaints. Hear from BigBasket co-founder Vipul Parekh as he sheds light on what drives their incredible success. Read more

Consistent Omnichannel Engagement

Today customers interact with businesses through multiple channels — social media, email, phone, or in-person. CXPs help maintain conversational continuity and consistent experiences across these touchpoints, which is crucial for maintaining trust and loyalty. For instance, if a customer starts a query on social media and then switches to email, the CXP ensures that the conversation is seamless without the customer having to repeat information.

Example: A fast-growing healthtech firm wanted to be available for every patient on a channel of their choice at every step of the diagnostic experience. With Ozonetel’s unified CX Platform, patients could book appointments, access reports, and receive medical advice across channels. Every time they sent a WhatsApp message or made a phone call, they would connect to the same healthcare advisor, leading to higher trust and a 36% increase in customer satisfaction. Read more

Data-driven Decision Making

A CXP helps businesses collect, store, and analyze customer data and provides valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. It pulls together data from diverse sources, breaking silos, and offering comprehensive insights into customer behaviors and preferences.

Example: A leading diagnostic firm leveraged data-driven mechanisms for personalized, multichannel communication. They used our unified CX platform to direct callers to suitable agents based on their demographics and diagnostic needs, resulting in 30% higher sales conversions. Read More

Business Continuity

Resilient operations allow companies to weather disruptions and maintain essential functions without missing a beat. During COVID, for instance, phone calls and chat messages became a lifeline that helped calm customers and resolve queries — whether it was about a delayed grocery delivery or an insurance claim. 

Outages and downtimes, on the other hand, can seriously erode the customer’s trust in a brand. A robust cloud-based solution can help businesses remain operational even when call volumes skyrocket, bad weather hits, or a telco fails.

Example: A stockbroking firm had to contend with regular outages during market outages, when call volumes peaked. They switched to our robust CX platform that automates callbacks, offers self-service, and handles high and fluctuating call volumes with ease.  Read More

Automated, Personalized Conversations

CXPs collect and analyze data from various customer interactions, enabling businesses to understand individual customer preferences, behaviors, and past purchase history. This information can be used to create highly personalized experiences, which make customers feel valued and understood, thereby increasing their loyalty. For example, if a customer frequently purchases a particular product, the company can send them tailored offers about that product.

Example: To reduce the anxiety of customers looking for claim settlements, an insurance firm designed a self-service engine on our CX platform that pre-emptively gauged customer needs, leading to 50% faster resolutions and a long-lasting increase in customer satisfaction. Read More

Higher Operational Efficiency & Agent Productivity

From chatbots to automated marketing campaigns, a CXP can help businesses operate at peak efficiency. It helps them automate routine customer inquiries and order processing. This improves speed of resolutions and frees up valuable time and resources to focus on high-value tasks. 

A Customer Experience Platform also makes work easier for your agents. By providing them with detailed customer information, CXPs help them deliver exceptional service. Besides, agents can manage calls, chats, and messages from a single interface, which simplifies the communication process and improves productivity.

And, finally, a CXP provides your line managers and supervisors with the data they need to improve escalations in real-time and improve training in the long term. 

Example: Companies automate dialing on our CX platform, allowing sales representatives to spend more time conversing with leads and prospects and less time managing contact lists. A sales rep is connected to a prospective customer seconds after they fill up a form or make an inquiry online. This ensures high recall for the prospect and improves conversions. Read More

Choosing the Right Customer Experience Platform for Your Business

Selecting the ideal customer experience platform for your business involves several crucial factors, such as identifying your specific needs, evaluating platform features, and considering vendor support. Here are some essential steps to help you make an informed decision:

Identifying Business Needs and Objectives

Begin by clearly defining your business needs and objectives. Do you want to focus on improving customer satisfaction, streamlining operations, or personalizing marketing campaigns? Understanding these goals will help you identify the key features and capabilities your desired customer experience platform should offer.

Evaluating Features and Integration Capabilities

Assess the available features and customization options of each platform, ensuring that they align with your business requirements. Consider aspects such as data management, automation, personalization, omnichannel routing, conversational AI, and CRM integration capabilities.

Considering Vendor Support and Expertise

Choose a vendor with a proven track record of expertise and success in the customer experience domain. Strong vendor support, reliable customer service, and ongoing platform updates are essential factors to consider when selecting a customer experience platform.

Why Ozonetel

Ozonetel’s unified CX platform can efficiently manage all your communication needs across every channel and help you deliver personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey. We offer businesses flexible, dependable solutions to help them communicate in an efficient, scalable manner. Here’s why you must use Ozonetel’s unified CX platform.

Fastest deployment: Deploy a cloud contact center within 24 hours. Migrate legacy systems in days, not months.

Interoperable: Our Open API platform seamlessly integrates with your CRM platforms 

Truly omnichannel: A single platform to automate & manage phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages & chatbot conversations 

Intuitive & simple: Spend less time training staff. Our interface is easy-to-use, adaptive, and customizable. 

Secure & robust: Enterprise-grade security. Enabling 100,000+ agent logins & 24million+ calls daily

Support: Ozonetel offers personalized one-on-one support across all pricing plans.

Compliant: Complies fully with telecom regulations across all geographies it operates in.

Agent assist: Empower agents to personalize conversations and effectively handle complex issues with full visibility of customer sentiment and intent

Automated quality audits: Evaluate agent performance in real-time through comprehensive call monitoring and build curated coaching plans. 

Cost-effective: With our flexible pricing plan, you can add or reduce headcount based on seasonal demand.

You need a unified CX platform that can balance automation and human availability while remaining efficient and easy to scale. With 2500 customers and counting, Ozonetel’s unified CX platform enables 100K+ agents globally to handle over 2 billion calls every year. Excited to see our product in action? Schedule a free demo with our team today and discover how it can benefit your business.

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