What Is Contact Center as a Service (CCAAS)? How Does It Work?

A contact center is vital to your business.  A good contact center lets customers contact you via different mediums like phone, text messages or even WhatsApp. Advanced technology helps you resolve issues promptly, track all communication, and glean insights needed to improve your business.

But, did you know that you could run your contact center right from your Internet browser? Many small and medium businesses don’t realize how easy and economical it is to run a Cloud Contact Center. This is where Cloud Contact Center as a Service comes in.

What is Cloud Contact Center as a Service?

Cloud Contact Center as a service essentially gives businesses the technology they need to run an efficient contact center without incurring heavy investments or maintenance costs.

  • You can purchase the technology required to manage and maintain phone calls, text messages, and even WhatsApp communication on monthly payment plans.
  • You do not need to purchase any of the expensive hardware or software that was associated with large, traditional, legacy contact centers.
  • All you need is a pair of headphones, and any of your staff can login to your contact center and start receiving and making calls directly from their Internet browser.
  • Your staff can work from anywhere, and you can still keep a record of every single conversation, track wait times, hold times, call durations— and use the information to keep making your contact center more efficient.

What are the benefits of Cloud Contact Center as a service?

  • Zero infrastructure & maintenance costs.
  • You get access to advanced technology like AI, analytics, chatbots, voice bots and more.
  • Easily manage work-from-home employees or remote offices, while keeping a track of all communication.
  • Easy to scale. You pay per seat per month, this means that you can easily scale up or scale down your operations when needed.
  • Access expertise. Cloud contact center solution providers like Ozonetel and KOOKOO are experts when it comes to customer experience. They provide you with all the tools needed to deliver superior customer experience.
  • Real time reporting lets you keep a track of all your agents, and contact center reports anytime and anywhere.

KOOKOO Cloud Agent and KOOKOO Cloud Platform give you an easy platform to manage all your communications on the cloud. It integrates voice support, text messaging, WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, and Live Website support on a single platform. It seamlessly integrates with leading CRM and ticketing software such as ZohoZendeskSalesforceFreshdesk, Mint, Sugar CRM and more, to create automated and efficient workflows. Contact us to know more.

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