Best 16 VoIP Service Providers in India

Prashanth Kancherla

Jan 2, 2024 | 14 mins read

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a revolutionary technology that is changing how people interact. VoIP, which has several benefits over traditional landline telephony, uses the internet to send voice data instead of conventional landlines: 

  • Cost-efficient connectivity via ethernet
  • VoIP transcends the constraints of location, providing users with unparalleled mobility.
  • VoIP services do not necessitate a dedicated phone number for operation.

However, to unlock the full potential of VoIP, a reliable service provider is essential. VoIP service providers establish connections between VoIP phones through server networks, ensuring smooth communication. They facilitate call routing from VoIP devices to conventional landlines or mobile phones, ensuring interoperability and providing flexible communication solutions for businesses and individuals alike. 

In this article, we will compare the top 16 VoIP service providers in India offering feature-rich VoIP services and what users say about them so that you can choose the best VoIP service provider for your business. 

What are VOIP Service Providers?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers are companies that offer voice and communication solutions over the internet. These providers leverage the power of the internet to deliver phone services, enabling businesses and individuals to make and receive calls without the need for traditional landline infrastructure. Here’s a closer look at what VoIP service providers offer:

Why Choose a VoIP Service?

  • VoIP providers offer scalability, making it suitable for diverse business needs
  • These services are flexible, allowing calls to be made from anywhere, anytime.
  • They provide mobile apps and web interfaces for making calls from anywhere with internet access.
  • They offer affordable and competitive pricing plans with features like unlimited calling to specific regions.

In simple terms, VoIP service providers are companies you can sign up with to make these internet calls. They might even give you special phones to use, and you’ll usually pay a monthly fee for the service, just like you would for cable or internet access.

Overview of Best VoIP Service Providers in India

Before we get into the details of each VoIP service provider, here is an overview of the best VoIP service providers in India to help you select the most suitable service for your business needs:

S.NoProvider NameBest ForKey Features
1OzonetelCall centers and SMEsCloud contact center, CRM integration, real-time analytics
2RingCentralLarge enterprisesUnified communications, team messaging, video conferencing
3NextivaCustomer service and sales teamsAdvanced call management, CRM integration, analytics
4VonageSmall to medium businessesCloud PBX, team collaboration, video meetings
5CallHippoStartups and SMBsVirtual phone numbers, call tracking, CRM integrations
6ExotelCustomer supportIVR, call recording, number masking
7FreJunCorporate communicationsVoice and video calls, call recording, transcription
8GrasshopperEntrepreneurs and small teamsVirtual phone system, call forwarding, business texting
9ServetelCustomer engagementIVR solutions, toll-free numbers, call routing
10OpenPhoneFreelancers and small businessesBusiness phone numbers, messaging, call recording
118×8Global enterprisesVoice, video, chat, contact center solutions
12DialPadRemote teams and businessesAI-powered voice intelligence, video meetings, messaging
13FreshWorksCustomer support teamsOmnichannel support, IVR, analytics
14AirCallSales and support teamsCall center software, CRM integration, call routing
15GoTo ConnectCollaborative teamsUnified communications, cloud PBX, video conferencing
16OomaSmall to medium businessesVoIP phone service, virtual receptionist, mobile app

Criteria for Choosing a VoIP Provider

VOIP offers a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to traditional landline phone systems. But with a multitude of VoIP providers out there, selecting the right one for your company can be a daunting task. So, here’s a breakdown of key criteria to consider to ensure you choose a VoIP provider that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget.

Assess communication needs: Identify essential features for your phone system, considering factors like scalability, cost savings, mobile service, all-in-one communication, and technology with a simple learning curve. 

Consider budget: Create a precise VoIP budget, prioritizing features, customer care, and service quality over the cheapest option. Be aware of additional charges for hardware, plan upgrades, and toll-free minutes. 

Analyze features: Ensure your chosen VoIP platform has basic capabilities like video conferencing, voicemail-to-text, business text messaging, softphone apps, call analytics, automated attendant, and call forwarding. Check for advanced features like IVR calling system, artificial intelligence, and third-party integrations. 

Consider customer service: Choose providers with reliable customer service available during business hours or 24/7. Evaluate self-service options such as online portals, video tutorials, FAQs, live personnel, and straightforward support procedures. 

Examine reliability and scalability: Ensure the VoIP platform is reliable and assess its scalability to grow with your company. Evaluate call quality, service consistency, and the impact of service outages on your business. 

Check provider reputation: Explore customer feedback, endorsements, and case studies to understand other companies’ experiences. Consider the supplier’s reputation, client base, and overall customer satisfaction. 

By weighing these factors, you can confidently select a VoIP solution that enhances your communication capabilities and contributes to the success of your business. 

Now, let’s check the top 16 VoIP Providers you can choose from for your business. 

Top 16 VoIP Providers in India 

VoIP in India has witnessed substantial growth, with a myriad of providers offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving communication needs of businesses and individuals alike.  Let’s take a look at the best VoIP service providers in India. 


It’s important to carefully evaluate your business requirements and compare multiple VoIP service providers to determine the one that best aligns with your specific needs and budget. Ozonetel’s unified CX platform enables businesses to leverage the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while complying with the regulations set forth by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) 1.  

The solution involves installing a gateway on the customer premises, which connects to the Local Area Network (LAN) and converts calls to VoIP. The agents’ phones are then connected to the gateway, allowing them to receive VoIP calls. This ensures compliance even when internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable. 

Key Features  

  • Offers a range of advanced features, including intelligent IVR, call recordings, live call monitoring, analytics, and ready-made CRM integrations. 
  • Ozonetel’s open API platform enables organizations to tailor their communication systems to specific needs and enhance overall efficiency. 
  • Supervisors benefit from flexible and comprehensive live monitoring dashboards, allowing them to measure performance across 100+ parameters. 
  • Enables businesses to engage seamlessly across various channels, including chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and digital platforms. 

Why Choose Ozonetel 

Ozonetel addresses the challenge of poor internet connectivity by introducing Offline Agent Routing. When the internet is down or agents are in regions with limited connectivity, calls are not only recorded but also logged into the system. This ensures that businesses never miss tracking or receiving agent calls due to internet issues. 


  • Improved quality control with speech analytics
  • Provides unmatched personalized onboarding and training
  • Adapt to changing needs with monthly price plans and a unique interface
  • Flexible pricing to help you scale up or down with ease


  • Performance depends on internet quality.
  • Learning curve during the transition fromtraditional systems.

User Ratings: 4.5/5 by G2 

User Reviews: Ozonetel  has many of the best features and provides ease of use with a simple interface for the agents. 


RingCentral offers a reliable and high-quality Cloud VoIP Phone Service for businesses, providing an all-in-one internet phone system with various features. Its VoIP phone system supports manual provisioning with SIP settings, allowing you to configure the service according to your preferences. 

Key Features 

  • Integrated features for enhanced business communication. 
  • Seamless setup tailored to organizational communication needs. 
  • Mobile VoIP flexibility for calls, conferences, and messaging. 
  • Hardware-free solution accessible from any device. 
  • 24/7 award-winning customer support. 
  • Affordable unified communications plans covering VoIP, cloud PBX, and video conferencing. 

Why Choose RingCentral VoIP? 

RingCentral offers an all-inclusive approach. From VoIP to videoconferencing, there are no separate bills for different functionalities. Transparent plans and pricing ensure no surprises, making it the go-to solution for business communications. 


  • Customizable user experience for efficient communication.
  • Secure VoIP service with encryption and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Flexible device usage, supporting various preferences.


  • Performance depends on internet quality. 
  • Learning curve during the transition from traditional systems. 

User Rating: 4.4/5 by Gartner 

User Review: Easy to install, easy to use, and with dedicated and engaged customer service. 


Nextiva provides a reliable VoIP phone system and gives businesses a way to prosper by increasing productivity, dependability, and client engagement. With features that make communication easy and effective, Nextiva is a forward-thinking communication solution that fits nicely with businesses’ futuristic approach. 

Key Features 

  • Seamless call management on smartphones, computers, and desk phones.
  • Efficient call routing, real-time call analytics, and silent call recording.
  • Provides accurate voicemail transcription.
  • With its third-way calling feature, you connect with two other participants simultaneously during an active call.

Why Choose Nextiva? 

It offers a single platform to engage customers or collaborate with team members. It also provides 99.999% uptime and improved privacy with TLS & SRTP encryption. 


  • Seamless CRM, email, and support software  integration. 
  • Transparent with no hidden fees. 


  • Performance relies on Internet quality.
  • Possible during the transition to a cloud platform.

User Rating: 4.6/5 by GetApp

User reviews: The support staff assigned to our Agency has always been very helpful and quick to respond to our issues.


Vonage offers versatile voice, messaging, and video calling services for businesses. It helps to make the service reliable and readily available. With an emphasis on scalability and flexibility, they provide contact center solutions, communication APIs, and unified communications. 

Key features 

  • The app allows free video calling and messaging for iPhone and Android.
  • Vonage ensures 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat on their website.
  • Ensures consistent call quality for inbound and outbound calls
  • Vonage offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee covering all charges.
  • Plans include call transfer, waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID, block, and mobile Extensions.


  • Clear voice, smooth software.
  • User-friendly business cloud.


Support challenges because of language barriers.

User rating: 4.3/5 by G2 User reviews: It’s a very easy-to-connect and time-saving Application.


A leading company in virtual phone systems, CallHippo distinguishes itself with an extensive feature set, top-notch customer service, and an open-price structure. VoIP phone systems from CallHippo are suitable for companies of all sizes, with various editions and packages available. It offers worldwide accessibility, scalability, improved call quality, and cost savings. 

Key Feature 

  • Streamline call handling with multi-level IVR.
  • Intelligent call routing for 24/7 support.
  • Live monitoring reduces escalations.
  • Time-saving automation and analytics.
  • Worldwide access, 150+ countries.

Why Choose CallHippo’s VoIP? 

CallHippo’s VoIP phone systems prioritize security, safeguarding communication and data from unauthorized access and ensuring a secure user environment. 


  • Quick, easy setup process.
  • Collaboration features enhance communication.


  • User reported delayed responses

User rating: 4.4 /5 by G2
User reviews: I like a like about it is the call recording facility and the ability to access it via API. Keep up the excellent work.


Exotel is a full-stack customer engagement platform and business-focused virtual telecom operator. It allows users to seamlessly integrate call routing, flows, and IVR-based greetings into VoIP calls and campaigns. 

Key Features 

  • Multiuser login and role-based access control.
  • Lead management.
  • IVR and dial groups with easy call routing.
  • Customizable welcome greeting.
  • The platform provides a global contact center solution catering to diverse business needs.

Why Choose Exotel? 

Exotel provides In-App Calling with PSTN Fallbacks, ensuring reliable and seamless communication. 


  • Marketplace is user-friendly.
  • Simple workflow creation.
  • Good voice quality


  • Frequent issues with incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Lack of ticket creation for phone-explained problems.

User reviews:4.3/5 by G2 

User ratings: Ease of use, Works fine for connectivity, 


FreJun is positioned as a leading VoIP service provider in India, offering robust features to simplify business calls and enhance productivity. The platform’s integration capabilities, analytics engine, and focus on user-friendly communication make it a valuable tool for remote teams. FreJun aims to save time and resources for communication through its innovative solutions. 

Key Features 

  • Eliminate manual dialing and initiate calls with a single click
  • Improve call pickups using Truecaller on FreJun virtual numbers.
  • Make calls directly from your CRM/ATS, streamlining workflows
  • Automatically route calls to the right agent or department, improving efficiency.
  • Leverage AI to analyze call data and enhance overall call operations.

Why Choose FreJun? 

FreJun seamlessly integrates with various platforms, offers virtual business numbers, and provides a WhatsApp option. 


  • Provide easy call tracking 


  • Some users mention problems with call recording accuracy 

User Reviews: 4.9/5 by G2 

User Reviews: it is a very easy method of connecting with customers with FreJun. 


Grasshopper VoIP makes business calls easier for business owners by offering professional features, affordable options, and an easy-to-use virtual phone system. It is an app designed to help small company owners communicate more professionally and efficiently by emphasizing the need to separate personal and business interactions. 

Key Features 

  • Grasshopper starts at $16/month, providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Obtain a professional business number with personalized greetings.
  • Stay connected from anywhere using desktop and mobile apps
  • Set up within minutes with a straightforward four-step process.
  • Grasshopper offers an affordable virtual phone system for small businesses.

Why choose Grasshopper? 

There’s more to Grasshopper than just VoIP and WiFi calling. Get access to many great features: A full virtual phone system with voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and many more. The ability to send and receive text messages on your business number. 


  • User-friendly admin dashboard.
  • Connects to multiple contact accounts.
  • Easy access to technical support.


  • Lacks automated responses to trigger words.
  • Absence of message templates for specific directions.

User Rating: 4/5 by G2. 

User Reviews: Grasshopper is cost-effective and easy to use. 


With its feature-rich contact center solution, Servetel VoIP gives organizations effective communication tools to ensure smooth client interactions. Servetel is a dependable option for companies trying to improve their caller experiences because of its emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, real-time data, and a happy customer base.

Key Feature: 

  • Boost reputation with free toll-free calls.
  • Affordable mobile numbers for easy tracking.
  • IVR tech reduces call handling dependency.
  • Run free missed call campaigns.
  • Easily convey voice messages.

Why Choose Servetel? 

Servetel offers a 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure. 

Also, you can access a fully functional cloud telephony suite with free SMS and call credits. 


  • Connect with other phone lines, and send voice messages via email.
  • Comparable performance to pricier VoIP products.
  • Easy setup with fast support.


  • Occasional unreliability in messaging.

User ratings: 4/5 by techJockey 

User reviews: Servetel cloud telephony solution is one of the most affordable and user-friendly. 


OpenPhone provides a feature-rich VoIP phone solution for small enterprises that facilitates easy communication and teamwork. OpenPhone wants to provide rapidly expanding teams a competitive edge, with monthly rates beginning at $15 per user.

Key feature

  • Prevent missed opportunities with prompt call forwarding.
  • Guide business calls effortlessly to the right destination with simple rules.
  • Keep callers engaged by ringing your team simultaneously.
  • Reclaim time and eliminate spam using OpenPhone’s auto-attendant.
  • Strengthen customer relationships through convenient text messages.

Why Choose OpenPhone?

OpenPhone offers an easy-to-use app for quick setup on computers and smartphones, with no learning curve. Therefore, if you are getting started with VoIP, OpenPhone can be your first choice


  • Quick and responsive support, with helpful documentation.
  • Stable service with synchronized messages and call logs.


Occasional bugs in the web app, especially related to text messages.

User Rating: 4.7/ 5 by G2

User Reviews: The web app and phone app just run well. The UI is very user-friendly and surprisingly responsive.


A top supplier of cloud-based VoIP business communications, 8×8 provides a unified platform with chat, video, business phone, contact center, and APIs. Over 3 million corporate users rely on 8×8, which offers a complete solution that helps organizations improve staff collaboration and customer experience.

Key Features

  • Enables efficient global team communication.
  • Integrates voice, video, chat, and conferencing.
  • Utilizes cloud tech for flexibility and scalability.
  • Offers cost-effective, feature-rich VoIP services.
  • Includes advanced call management and analytics.

Why Choose 8×8?

Empower every employee with an integrated contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs.

Elevte both customer experience and employee experience with the 8×8 XCaaS Platform.


  • Quick and easy support with an intuitive portal.
  • Accessible from anywhere through the app.


Some users experience a significant number of drop calls.

User Rating: 4.3/5 by GetVoIP.

User Reviews: Top company with a great team; I highly recommend it.


Dialpad is an excellent AI-powered platform for team collaboration that integrates voice and video conversations, SMS/MMS, and group messaging into a single, easy-to-use software. With its distinctive VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and cutting-edge features, Dialpad is the ideal choice for companies with dispersed teams and international clientele as an alternative to traditional phone systems.

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear HD VoIP calls worldwide.
  • Connect employees with a single app.
  • AI-powered call and voicemail transcriptions for communication insights.
  • No additional hardware is needed; features are released directly with minimal IT involvement.
  • Integrations with popular apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, Miro, and more.

Why Choose Dialpad?

Dialpad offers strong encryption and security standards in addition to in-call security features, including the capacity to block unwelcome visitors, muffle participants, and more. Many highly regulated sectors employ it, like real estate, healthcare, and law.


  • Superior call quality, especially via hardware phone or desktop app.
  • Seamless installation and transition, making it easy for new users.


  • Occasional Connectivity Issues

User Rating: 4.4/5 by Gartner

User Reviews: The day-by-day updates are appreciated. Dialpad is so easy to use.


With its robust VoIP phone system, Freshworks helps organizations digitally convert their telephony operations at a low cost and large scale. Without requiring specific phone gear, this internet-based telephony solution offers voice, video, and multimedia calls over internet access.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with cloud PBX for robust VoIP.
  • Range of features like call routing, IVR, and analytics.
  • Tailored VoIP solution for small business needs.
  • Integrated cloud telephony features within Freshworks’ suite.
  • Offers VoIP phone numbers for a professional and scalable presence.

Why Choose Freshworks?

Choose Freshworks for its efficient and user-friendly VoIP system, empowering agents to easily handle multiple queries. Tailored business-focused features and Cloud PBX solutions ensure effective communication and scalability for all business sizes.


  • Easy-to-learn user interface.
  • Compatible with a broad suite of Freshworks
  • customer service tools.


  • Limited customization in automation processes.

User Reviews: 4.3/5 by G2.

User Rating: “A very elegant and simple-to-use tool to satisfy every business IT needs.”


For enterprises, Aircall provides a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system that is both cutting-edge and effective. Aircall intends to offer a complete solution for support and sales teams, emphasizing usability, robust integrations, and simplicity.

Key Features

  • Ensures easy and swift VoIP setup.
  • Foster team collaboration
  • Aircall provides VoIP expertise for effective use
  • Aircall tailors solutions for enhanced customer experiences.
  • Integration with CRM systems

Why Choose Aircall?

A VoIP solution for businesses, Aircall has capabilities including call queuing, conference calls, automated phone routing, and IVR. Additionally, Aircall offers more than just basic VoIP features.


  • No long-distance fees.
  • Quick and easy addition or deletion of lines


  • Requires a strong and consistent internet connection.
  • Adequate bandwidth is necessary for good call quality.

User Reviews: 4.3/5 by G2

User Rating: The ease of making calls makes things much easier as an SDR. I also love that it integrates with Hubspot to save leads’ information.

GoTo Connects

GoTo Connect is a dependable and feature-rich option within the hosted VoIP phone systems market. It provides organizations a versatile and safe platform, whether transitioning to VoIP or seamlessly integrating with their current phone settings.

Key Features

  • GoTo Connect ensures quick, user-friendly VoIP adoption.
  • Collaborate seamlessly on VoIP across devices.
  • Adapt with unlimited numbers and extensions.
  • Top-tier encryption, 99.96% uptime.
  • Clear VoIP, substantial hardware savings.

Why Choose GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect’s versatility, affordability, and quick implementation make it an excellent choice for small organizations seeking an integrated cloud phone system, meetings, and messaging.


  • Intuitive UI on admin portal.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • Graphical IVR editor is user-friendly.


  • User expressed ineffective customer support

User Rating: 4.4/5 by G2.

User Reviews: “Quality product and ease don’t always come together, but GoTo’s VoIP nails it!”


With its cutting-edge Small Business VoIP Phone System, Ooma changes the game in the ever-changing world of business communication. Whatever your company’s needs—feature-rich solutions or the freedom to work from anywhere—Ooma makes the switch to VoIP easy and offers several advantages to companies of all kinds.

Key Features

  • Professional call-forwarding with virtual receptionist
  • Mobile empowerment with the Ooma office app.
  • Efficient conference calls with pristine quality.
  • Streamlined communication with virtual fax.
  • Meticulously designed for businesses, offering versatility, reliability, and advanced features.

Why Choose Ooma?

Adding more users to your home phone plan or a call is relatively simple. It is also a great service for home offices and families, offering unlimited calling, no contracts, and a simple DIY setup.


  • Users found the setup process to be straightforward.
  • Affordable Pricing.


  • Users reported difficulties in maintaining the service

User Ratings: 4.4/5 by GetVoIP

User Reviews: Ooma is a business communications provider offering SMBs and enterprise-level companies solutions.


To sum up, using VoIP technology represents a fundamental change in how corporations handle communication. Additionally, VoIP is a catalyst for connected and efficient company operations because of its efficiency, accessibility, and customizable features. Compare and Choose from these 15 VoIP Providers for your business contact center needs.

VoIP’s adaptability and creativity will undoubtedly shape future communication as we see more and more enterprises adopting this game-changing technology. VoIP’s revolutionary potential drives a well-established transition toward a more integrated and effective business communication environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is a telecommunication solution that allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. It integrates various features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and video conferencing, providing enhanced flexibility and cost efficiency for business communications.

VoIP is often worth it for small businesses due to its cost savings, as it typically offers lower rates than traditional phone services and requires minimal hardware investment. Additionally, VoIP systems offer scalability and advanced features that can enhance productivity and customer interaction, making them a valuable investment for growing enterprises.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that converts voice signals into digital data packets, allowing them to be transmitted over the internet. This method of communication can be used for making phone calls, conducting video conferences, and sending multimedia messages, providing a versatile alternative to conventional telephony.

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