VOIP business phone challenges: How to track calls even when agents lose internet connectivity

Rampradeep Kumar

Oct 5, 2023 | 6 mins read

Is your business using a VOIP solution for sales or other customer communications?  What if your agent loses internet connectivity? If you are in India, this could be a big issue, especially if your agents are scattered in remote parts of the country.

It is difficult to track calls when an agent loses internet connectivity. When the internet is down, or your agents travel to a region with poor internet connectivity, calls will not get recorded or logged into the system. This causes problems for compliance and call quality monitoring. Moreover, agents need to fill up call details manually into their CRM manually, which is unnecessarily tedious and wasteful work.

So what is the solution?

Ozonetel solves this problem with Offline Agent Routing.

What is Offline Agent Routing?

Offline Agent Routing enables you to route callers to an agent who is not online by forwarding their calls to a mobile phone or landline. These calls are still tracked by the system. This means that call recordings, live monitoring, and reports are available to the managers or admin. Agents can make outbound calls by using theirVirtual or DID number, so that, even if they use their personal mobile phone to make a call, thecaller id is masked.

How can you enable Offline Agent Routing?

In sophisticated cloud telephony solutions such as Ozonetel, your system admin can enable any agent as “offline” in minutes, by just assigning their phone numbers to an “offline” campaign. The screenshot below shows you how easy this is within our contact center solution:

When should you switch your agents to offline status?

 When it comes to consultative sales especially in sectors like insurance, finance, and real estate you never want to miss a prospect call. But often real estate agents don’t sit at a desk in a single location, they have field sales calls to make, and can often be travelling. Your insurance agents too may be working in remote parts of the country, with poor internet connections.

Alongwith features likeVirtual Numbers,Call Forwarding, andSticky Agents, Ozonetel’s Offline Agent feature can ensure that a prospect always reaches the agent they are most comfortable speaking with. And your business can ensure you never miss receiving or tracking an agent call due to poor internet.

Advantages of using offline agent features

The Offline Agent Feature has been especially popular during the past two years when many agents were working from home dues to lockdown restrictions. Businesses opted for the Offline feature so that they could enable all this functionality even when their agents were operating in regions with poor connectivity.

  1. All calls are recorded, and call details are available on your supervisordashboards.
  2. Agents can click to call from within their CRM to make outbound calls
  3. CRM integrations are available offline.
  4. Using APIs theSticky Agent feature could be enabled. This meant that inbound calls from customers or prospects could be automatically routed to their respective lead owners.


One of the biggest advantages that businesses get from switching to a cloud telephony solution for their sales and customer service teams is that they can record and track these calls. With Offline Agents, this functionality is available even when you face poor internet connectivity. To know more,or ask for a demo, speak to our expert today.

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