What if you could run the best call center software on the best cloud telephony platform?

Well, now you can!

You can configure our contact center software to run on top of Twilio. Now you get the best of both worlds - the reach and reliability of Twilio and the advanced feature set of our KOOKOO call center solution.
Twilio is the leading cloud telephony platform and KOOKOO is a leading cloud call center product. There are more than 40,000 agents using KOOKOO and KOOKOO handles 5 million calls per day currently.
You get good call rates and phone numbers from around the world from Twilio and your call center minutes billing will come in your Twilio bill. Just pay a fixed nominal amount for the call center software.

Plug n Play Contact Center Software

No need to ask your developers to code complicated queue logic, call control logic, call reports or ACD. Just configure your agents and skills in KOOKOO and integrate our javascript widget in your web app to get a ready made agent toolbar.

Love Twilio IVRs? Keep them. Transfer to KOOKOO seamlessly if your IVR is not enough to answer your customer queries.

What do you get?

A full featured cloud contact center solution. Get started in 5 minutes.

Agent Management

Create agents, create skills, assign agents to skills, manage call queues, live agent monitoring, call barge in etc. Advanced call center tool bar with call controls like transfer, hold, conferencing etc

Dialers and Reporting

Progressive and predictive dialers so that you can get the best out of your leads. 400+ reports with BI. Track agent productivity. Improve your inside sales performance. Real time monitoring dashboards with barge in facility.

APIs and CRM Integration

APIs to manage all parts of the call center. Integrate with more than 20 well known CRMs including Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar and support systems like Zendesk.

Show me how

Its as easy as 1-2-3-4-5

  1. Get a TWILIO account.
  2. Get a KOOKOO account.
  3. Configure TWILIO details in KOOKOO.
  4. Configure KOOKOO details in TWILIO.
  5. Start taking calls.

Excited? Talk to us today to get your contact center setup.