Trust & Efficiency: The key to running better outbound call campaigns

Dinesh V

Oct 5, 2023 | 6 mins read

Think cold calling is dead? Maybe these figures can change your mind:

  • 69% of buyers have accepted cold calls from new providers
  • 57% of C-level buyers prefer to be contacted via phone
  • Businesses that don’t cold call experience 42% less growth than those who do

As Per RAIN Group, 82% of buyers accept meetings with sales reps who proactively reach out. So, outbound calls aren’t out of the sales game yet. The key is to do the outbound call campaigns effectively to grow your business and build a level of trust and efficiency.

How to build safety and trust in your outbound call campaigns?

Businesses call millions of consumers every day, but many don’t answer calls unless they recognize the caller. On the other hand, customers also get a lot of calls from unverified phone numbers, which adds to their stress as most of such calls are associated with scams or services for which they never signed up.

If you were to run a successful outbound call campaign, you must build trust and safety for your customers. And one way to improve user experience and drive business goals is to use “Verified Business Caller ID.” The “Verified Call” feature increases your call answer rates and builds trust by distinctively presenting your calls as verified business calls with your branding intact. Learn more about Verified Business Caller ID.

Why invest in a Verified Business Caller ID solution?

With frauds and scams on the rise, there is an urgent need to bring in more trust in business communications. With a verified business caller ID, you can.


  1. Add brand name and logo to every outbound call, thereby enabling instant brand recognition.
  2. Add call reason to convey the intent of the call even before pick-up.
  3. Combat business identity theft with a coveted verified business badge and increase call pick-up rates.

Top Applications for Verified Business Caller ID solution across industries

The Verified Business Caller ID solution is critical to several industry verticals.

Logistics & Food Delivery Calls

Last-mile delivery calls are essential for both customers and the business. Ensure that customers recognize and answer these calls at the first attempt. Verified business caller ID improves last-mile delivery, significantly reducing time spent per delivery.

Banking & Financial Services

While call timing is vital in the success of banks and fintech service-related calls, the verified business caller ID does make a difference. From fraud alert calls to verification and payments, service calls from a verified source, despite being an unknown number, have a higher chance of getting answered than unverified calls from a genuine source.

Education & Edtech

Make it easy for a student or parent to understand when and why a counselor is calling, building reliable and effective communications. When powered by the verified caller ID feature, typical education-based calls such as IVR-enabled e-registrations, enrollment calls, payment reminders register higher pick-up rates on the first attempt than calls going from unverified numbers.

Real Estate

The call centers in the real estate industry suffer heavily due to unjust call spamming and blocking.  However, with verified business caller ID and call reason feature,  real estate agents can connect only with interested prospects, save productive time,  and improve conversions.

Build trustworthy outbound campaigns with Truecaller and Ozonetel

Truecaller, the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication, recently partnered with Ozonetel to offer Verified Business Caller ID solutions as Ozonetel’s solutions suite. Truecaller for Business enables businesses to add brand identity, promote trust & safety for users, and enhance their calling efficiency with Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID.

With the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID and Ozonetel’s award-winning auto-dialers, businesses are all set to increase their customer outreach and service efforts with improved response rates. Here’s what you get from Truecaller Ozonetel partnership:

Add brand authenticity: Truecaller offers a tamper-proof logo and category tag. With the Truecaller-Ozonetel partnership, Ozonetel users get a verified Truecaller badge establishing instant brand recognition with native ability to auto-dial and scheduling as part of Ozonetel’s call center suite. 

Set the call context: Your customers and prospects can see the call context even before pick-up, and it’s delivered to them even when they reject the call. Truecaller’s feature works on both iOS and Android phones. You can view your campaign success rates and automate call retries. 

Stay off spam lists: The collaboration’s combined AI and ML capabilities power protects you against unjust spamming. Moreover, you can keep your verified business badge and branding elements, even after someone flags you as spam.

Priority calling: This is most useful for time-sensitive calls to both the end-user and businesses. Ozonetel’s more than 99% uptime is an added advantage.

Granular analytics: These capabilities give you an edge for informed decision-making. With the partnership, you get call pick-up rate analysis, spam reports analysis, user behavior, and segmented call pattern analysis. You can also upload or manage group members, and Truecaller gives you an option to export the data, too. And this isn’t all.

Over 700 million calls occur on Truecaller every day, with 2 billion business calls on Ozonetel. Truecaller-Ozonetel partnership is aimed at accelerating and optimizing the outbound campaigns of businesses. In an era where product differentiation is extremely difficult, customer experience is what builds a brand. Truecaller-Ozonetel partnership delivers everything that businesses need at this moment – secure, compliant, and recallable customer experience that stays.

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Ozonetel gives you an extra edge with

  • Automated call scheduling and retries.
  • CRM and ticketing tools integrations that improve your agents’ efficiency by 30% with automated call logging and screen pops.
  • Dialer APIs and CPAAS platform that allows you to customize your workflows.
  • AI-based voice bots.
  • Superior monitoring tools like live call monitoring, screen recordings, and barge-in with 70+ reports.

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