Top 5 ways to reduce customer wait times

Anita Raghav

Nov 15, 2023 | 5 mins read

Don’t keep callers waiting on hold or on long call queues. These 5 resources outline the top ways to reduce hold times for your customer:

  1. Keep call queues short.
    Our call queue management blog outlines how automatic call distribution, fallback rules, reports, voice mail and abandoned call alerts help you reduce wait times in call queues.
  2. Route calls effectively.
    When you route calls effectively, you send customers to the right agent automatically and they don’t have to wait in queues while being transferred. Our call routing blog explains how to use skill hunting to route calls effectively.
  3. Manage your workforce better.
    Good workforce management means that you plan your staff as per your call volumes and can quickly change plans whenever call traffic is high or when fewer agents show up for work. The workforce management blog tells you how to use dashboards, reports and WFM software integrations to do this.
  4. Have smarter IVRs.
    Keeping callers listening to long IVRs is the same as keeping them waiting. Our modern IVR solutions help you make the IVR experience faster. It also explains how to use self-service to reduce call volumes and execute transactions faster.
  5. Keep talking to your customer.
    An experienced contact center manager gives his tips for signposting instead of keeping the customer on hold. Read in our customer support training tips.

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Anita Raghav