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Customize call center reports & alerts to enable better performance
Call Queue Alerts

Send alerts to supervisors when call queues exceed a predefined limit.

Reports & Escalations

Supervisors can be notified about escalations or sent regular performance reports.

Voice Mail Alerts

Voice mails & missed call alerts can be sent directly to a manager or supervisor.

Here is why it’s right for you

A slack call center integration is better for business. Here’s why
Never Miss a Call

Call queue alerts via Slack make call queue management easier and more effective. And even in the event customers abandon calls, missed call reports can be sent directly to a relationship manager or supervisor so they can take action faster.

Enable VIP Customer Care
Directly notify an account manager or relationship manager if their customer or prospect is waiting in a call queue.
Integrate with any CRM
Thanks to our out-of-the-box CRM integrations with almost any CRM, your call center solution, Slack account & CRM can function as one seamless unit.

As a brokerage company, we want to simplify lives for our customers and agents alike — and Ozonetel’s call center solution has really come through for us. Customers auto-connect with their personal brokers, a Slack Integration eases queue management, and the Hubspot dialer integration has amped up agent productivity.

Jason Richter | Life Shield

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