Sentiment Analysis will add a new layer to customer experience.

Anita Raghav

Oct 25, 2023 | 5 mins read

Sentiment analysis instantly evaluates customer tone in a call. Currently, Ozonetel’s system is using this to judge a call sentiment as positive, negative or neutral. It is able to categorize this with a nearly 85% accuracy.

You can filter angry customer calls and check for keywords like “complain” and to find product/service flaws.

This gives management a new filter to:

  • Analyze Agent performance. Your smart contact center can see how many calls changed from neutral to angry. How many calls changed from angry to happy/neutral. And how many calls changed from neutral to happy. This gives you a new metric to judge agent performance and skill.
  • Train better. Recordings where customers are converted from angry to happy can picked out in seconds and used to train agents.
  • Reliably and impartially evaluate customer experience. Customer experience cannot be evaluated by going through just 5% of your recordings. But this is usually how many recordings a quality team can go through. Your sentiment analysis can go through 100% calls. You can get overall customer satisfaction indices that are impartial and thorough.
  • Find the root cause of negative (and positive customer) experiences. Now you can separate positive customer experiences from negative ones in minutes and then again use analytics to derive the reason behind the successes or failures, in minutes.
  • Get product and service insights.

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Anita Raghav

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