Predictive, Progressive, or Preview Dialer? 4 questions to help you choose

Anita Raghav

Oct 31, 2023 | 5 mins read

Yes, auto dialers increase agent efficiency. But, how do you choose between the different auto dialers available? We’ve put together a definitive list of questions to help you out. Your answers can help determine whether a Predictive, Progressive or Preview dialer is best for your business. Here goes:

4 questions to help you choose

Question 1:  How many calls do you make per day?

Typically, you should choose dialers based on number of calls made per day. For example,

50-100 calls. Choose a Preview Dialer.
100-900 calls. Choose a Progressive dialer.
1000+ calls Choose a Predictive dialer.

Question 2:  Do your agents need to time to prepare for the call?

What kind of call are you making? Do your agents need to read up a complicated customer case history before each call?  Answering these questions can help you decide which dialer is right for you.

For instance, if you are cold calling completely new data, and have no prior history to read up, that means your agents can get on their call with zero preparation.  So, a predictive dialer is best for this.

If you would like your agents to spend a few minutes reading up on lead/customer history before the call, then use a Predictive dialer

And if each case is complicated, or needs to be personalized to a high degree, then you might want your agents to spend 5-20 minutes preparing for their call. In this case, it’s best you use a preview dialer.

Question 3: What is the value of a dropped call?

All data isn’t created equal. Calculate the cost of a phone number in your database based on the conversion rate and your product value:

Cost of a call= (product value x conversion rate) / 100

For example, If your product value is $250, and your conversion rate is 2%, each phone number is worth $5 in revenue.  This helps you estimate how much a dropped call is worth.

Similarly a very high-quality database, for example, one with qualified leads or repeat customers will also translate to a high conversion rate.

If you have a product of high value or get/expect great conversion rates from the data you have, you cannot afford dropped calls. This means you cannot use a predictive dialer. You will have to use a progressive or Preview dialer.

Question 4:  Is premium customer experience or high agent efficiency your top priority?

Are your brand stakes high? Are you calling loyal repeat customers or high-value leads? When you need to create a premium customer experience you cannot use predictive dialers because there is a slight lag between when the call is connected and when the agent comes online. Switch to a progressive or preview dialer based on your answer to question 2.

When you want high agent efficiency, you need a predictive dialer, it promises extremely low agent wait times between 15-40 seconds.

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