Ozonetel Named CX Leader in G2 Report for 5th Quarter in a Row

Aamir Malik

Apr 30, 2024 | 5 mins read

Ozonetel Named CX Leader in G2’s Spring 2024 Report

We are excited that Ozonetel has once again been recognized as a leader in Customer Experience (CX) space. As per G2’s Spring 2024 report, we have earned leadership badges in seven categories: Contact Center, CPaaS, Customer Self-Service, Call Center Infrastructure (CCI), Auto-Dialer, Inbound Call Tracking, and Outbound Call Tracking.  

Additionally, we are ranked 10th in the top 50 customer service products and have secured the 83rd position in the top 100 fastest-growing products globally in G2’s Best Software Products for 2024. 

G2 report involves unbiased evaluation of top industry players based on authentic customer feedback including reviews, customer satisfaction, and market presence. 

These recognitions inspire us to continuously innovate and deliver the highest quality products to our clients, enabling them to provide unified experiences to customers at every step of their journey. It also reassures our customers that they are working with a trusted leader in the industry. Let’s take a look at our journey towards leadership. 

Leading the Way with 7 Leader Badges  

In a highly competitive customer experience (CX) landscape, we have secured our position as a leader for the fifth time in a row. Like the previous quarter, we retained our leadership in all 7 CX categories. The leader badge in the CPaaS category signifies our dedication to delivering desired communication capabilities seamlessly into businesses’ apps and services. 

Our leadership in Auto-Dialer, Inbound and Outbound Call Tracking, and Customer Self-Service demonstrates our capability to provide integrated solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems and facilitate real-time interactions. This enables our customers to scale operations efficiently, adapt to market changes quickly, and enhance their overall customer experience.  

We are also proud to be the only player maintaining leadership in both Contact Center (CCaaS) and CPaaS categories for the last six months. This proves that enterprises working with a single, dedicated CX partner can deliver unified experiences and orchestrate seamless customer journeys. 

We have also been rated highly across multiple parameters: ease of use, quality of support, net promoter score, ease of doing business, ease of admin, product direction, and ranking on ROI, ahead of our global competitors. 

Key Highlights from G2’s Spring 2024 Report 

We have also received ‘Users Love Us’ badge for excellent customer reviews and high user ratings. Additionally, we have earned key badges across various business segments, such as Most Implementable, Highest User Adoption, Easiest Set Up, and Fastest Implementation. 

In the Enterprise segment, we have also won badges for Easiest Admin and Best Estimated ROI along with many badges in mid-market and SMB. 

Other key highlights include 

  • 96% of customers believe that the product is headed in the right direction  
  • 93% of customers expressed their willingness to recommend Ozonetel  
  • Rank 1 in APAC, Asia, and India on CPaaS and Call Center Infrastructure (CCI) 

CCI CPaaS Grid Image-01

  • Rank 1 in Implementation Index for Customer Self-Service and Inbound Call Tracking across business segments 
  • Rank 1 in the Usability Index and Implementation index for Speech Analytics in the mid-market segment 
  • Rank 2 in Momentum Grid on Contact Center, CCI, Auto Dialer, Customer Self-Service, and Speech Analytics globally 
  • Rank 2 in Enterprise Implementation Index for Auto Dialer 
  • Rank 2 in India on Contact Center 
  • Total badge count increased to 116 from 101 
  • Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 411 user reviews 

Our Journey to Leadership 

Our path to leadership in the industry has been both progressive and impressive. We began our journey by establishing ourselves as leaders in two fundamental categories: CCaaS and Auto-Dialer and maintained it for two consecutive quarters. 

Building on this solid foundation, our scope and expertise expanded significantly, leading to us becoming leaders in five key categories in G2’s Fall 2023 report: CCaaS, CPaaS, Call Center Infrastructure, Customer Self-Service, and Auto-Dialers. In the previous quarter, we secured seven leader badges, demonstrating our excellence and deep understanding of the industry’s needs and challenges. 

Spearheading in Critical Areas 

Our leadership extends across several critical areas, and we are proud to bag the no. 1 position in: 

CPaaS in APAC, Asia & India: We are proud to be ranked number one in CPaaS solutions across Asia Pacific, where we empower organizations with robust, scalable communication platforms that drive their CX transformation efforts. 

Implementation Index for Customer Service Automation: We lead the way in transforming customer service operations, ensuring businesses can efficiently automate and streamline their service processes. 

Call Center Infrastructure (CCI) in APAC, Asia & India: Our solutions are not only preferred in India but are also leading choices across the Asia Pacific region, reflecting our strong presence and trusted performance in diverse markets. 

In the Speech Analytics category, we are ranked under the ‘High Performer’ grid since last quarter and hold the 2nd position in the Momentum grid globally. We have achieved ‘High Performer’ status in the Customer Service Automation category this time, marking a significant shift from a niche position and showcasing our enhanced automation capabilities. Both these categories highlight how our customers are using our AI capabilities to elevate their CX and drive business growth.

Transforming CX with AI-led CX Solutions Suite 

As we look ahead, we are excited to introduce our AI-first, unified CX solution suite which enables enterprises to orchestrate seamless customer journeys across multiple digital channels. This not only operates seamlessly alongside our acclaimed voice solutions but also integrates them into a single platform, streamlining interactions and delivering a cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints.  

Some of our enterprise customers are already experiencing significant results, such as doubling ROI on sales in real estate, increasing brand engagement fivefold in hospitality, and doubling average order values for e-commerce. You can learn more about our AI-first unified CX solution suite and discover how it can deliver superior experiences, helping you achieve tangible business outcomes. 

Want to see what Ozonetel can do for your company? Sign up today for a free 21-day trial.

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