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What is phone number masking?

Phone number masking, also known as call masking, is a technology used to conceal a personal phone number during an outgoing or incoming call. When agents receive a customer call or dial a customer, the call masking solution replaces the actual phone number on both ends with a proxy caller id.
Call masking is powered by cloud telephony and uses a pool of virtual or direct-inward-dialing phone numbers to mask phone numbers with a proxy caller id. These phone numbers could be temporarily or permanently assigned to a customer or agent.

Why do businesses use phone number masking?

Organizations use call masking to make customer communication, across the customer journey, both secure and easy to track.


Customer privacy & data security

Use call masking to ensure that your customer or prospect’s contact details remain hidden and secure.


Better customer experience

Call masking enables customers to securely speak with their delivery agent for a better last-mile delivery experience. Or speak to their relationship managers anytime, anywhere for a VIP service experience.


Better call management

A call masking feature helps you manage and track all your customer communications.  You can track calls, record them, and auto-log them into your CRM.

How does call masking work?

When businesses communicate with customers through Ozonetel, call masking becomes possible in three simple steps.


Assign a phone number

Set the caller id that your agents use to speak to customers. Choose your masked phone number from amongst a large pool of virtual phone numbers including local phone numbers from almost any city. The customer is auto-assigned a temporary phone number.


Securely connect

The originating call is routed via Ozonetel’s secure cloud server. The outgoing caller id is masked instantly with a virtual phone number and routed to the other party.


Easily monitor & track

The receiver answers the call, without revealing their actual caller ID. Every call is recorded and can be monitored in real-time. All call data is logged within the CRM and your call center reports.

Safeguard customer privacy. Win trust.

Trust and loyalty is everything in business. Call masking helps your business to be intentional about customer privacy and restricts access to personal information. Ozonetel's call masking solution with complete end-to-end call management can be set up 72 hours or less. Talk to our sales team to get started.

Why use Ozonetel’s number masking solution?

CRM integrations

Ozonetel's easy plugin is readily available and compatible with all types of CRM software and ticketing platforms. Calls are auto-logged into your CRM and agents see relevant customer information whenever they speak to a customer or prospect.

Crystal clear voice quality

All businesses using Ozonetel will enjoy high-definition calls at any time of the day. All calls will be made over the internet using a robust anti-buffering protocol to increase audio quality on both ends of a call.

Call recording and tracking

With Ozonetel's number masking solution, managers and supervisors can easily track, analyze, and record all conversations for quality assurance, compliance, and training purposes.

Secure rest API

Using Ozonetel's highly responsive API, businesses can determine how the caller ID will appear to customers for easy identification. The API is easy to use, with plugins available for companies to install on their systems without stress. The API is safe to use and built with a high SSL encryption technology.

Local presence

Establish a local presence with a local phone number. Ozonetel offers local phone numbers in 66 countries across the globe including the United States, Canada, UAE, India, and Singapore.

Sales dialers

Automate your outbound calling and telemarketing campaigns with our purpose-built auto dialers.

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How businesses use our number masking solution

Consumer electronics

Number masking solutions allow customers to speak directly to service engineers. Learn how Kent RO used this to improve turnaround times.

Insurance & financial services

Learn how A Financial Services Capital uses Virtual numbers to enable customers to contact account managers when they've left their desks without revealing their caller ID. Read story

Real estate

Learn how real estate clients use our number masking solution to let sales representatives speak to customers using their mobile phones.

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Frequently asked questions

Number masking is a technology that enables you to maintain the secrecy of customers and agents over-call, without affecting the smooth flow of the process.

Two-way number masking is easy. Just get in touch with us to set it up within a few hours.

Revealing a private phone number is a major cause of friction and might also cause safety issues. Getting your phone numbers masked for the same is therefore beneficial.

A temporary masked number is displayed in place of the actual contact number.

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