New Year Resolutions for Your Contact Center

Anita Raghav

Nov 16, 2023 | 5 mins read

Yay, it’s 2020! We know how we’re all wondering how fast the year 2020 has arrived. A year we all look forward to. A year full of phase shifts in the world of technology; a year that’s really going to be for growth. And while we all talk about growing, how far have we planned our goals?

For all those contact centers who wish to make the most of the new year 2020, here’s a game-plan.

Improve Customer Emotions

Customers today have become more involved in brands. They look to make a connect and have a sense of belongingness with brands. You have the power to change their experience by changing the way you interact with them.

Even when a situation is bad, the way it is handled determines how a customer feels about your brand. Make it worth remembering, make it helpful.

Take an In-house Test

This is not an examination that we’re talking about. It’s about taking little casual surveys every morning. Have a daily blog, motivate your employees to keep pushing their limits, have few talk-over-coffee sessions, let people add more thoughts and ideas to the table.

Believe us, this triggers a lot of positivity and ushers free communication in the organization.

Analyze the Metrics

Change is the only constant. Always keep updating your managing strategies to keep up with advancements in it. Sometimes, the thought setup, in the beginning, doesn’t need to be there till the end. Improve, edit and make better. if metrics aren’t changed regularly, compare your metrics set with other contact centers in a similar field. Then consider: are your contact center’s metrics outdated?

Stop being boring

Think: when was the last time you chucked those old-school work processes out and brought up the new? Have you been working in the same dumb way and lacking efficiency? If the answer is yes, it’s time you take a new turn.

A good way to find out about broken processes is to ask advisors if they can provide any ideas on improving efficiency. Listening and acting on advisor feedback will improve their engagement and morale. Ask your employees the right questions, looking for quality data and not just answers.

We hope 2020 brings forth loads of good things to you. Cheers to new beginnings!

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