Advanced live chat support

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What is advanced live chat support?

When you want to offer your customer advanced live chat options think of Ozonetel. Our Advanced Live Chat Support is part of a complete contact center solution, and it offers options that can transform your customer experience. This includes:
AI-based chatbot

Our chatbot answers L1 queries and seamlessly escalates to agents when needed.

Simultaneous voice plus chat

Use our advanced voice-plus chat-widget to let customers simultaneously use voice and chat on their chat window. Or integrate with chat solutions like intercom to offer phone support from your chat window.

Omnichannel solution

With Ozonetel, you can manage your live chats, support calls, text messages and more from the same platform.

Enable voice support on your chat window

When chats get long, users prefer to switch to calls. At times like these, let your website visitors click to call you directly from your live chat window. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind voice-plus-chat-widget.

How can our chatbots improve your live chat experience?

Our live chat engine and chatbots are designed to
Provide self service
Answer FAQs
Route escalations based on skill groups, priority status or account manager
Provide 24/7/365 Support.
Enable better live chat support with our uniquely intelligent chatbot

Our chatbot uses intent analysis to understand slang, colloquialisms, and grammatical mistakes. Moreover, since it is AI-based, it continuously learns and improves. Want to know if it can work for you? Contact us for a demo.

Enable superior customer experience with our complete call center solution

Customers prefer to be engaged on multiple channels. So why stop at live chat? Go live in 24 hours or less with our complete contact center solution. Get all the features needed for an efficient, productive sales or support contact center.
Skill based routing

Route calls and chats based on skill, time of the day, or account manager.


ACD ensures that you distribute calls and chats evenly amongst agents

CRM integrations

Seamless CRM integrations ensure contextual conversations.

Live monitoring

Monitor chat queues in real-time to enable better performance.

Records & transcripts

Access transcripts and 40+ reports that provide you with actionable insights.

Inbound/outbound calls

Manage your calls on the same platform as your live chat.

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Deep integrations with leading CRMs & ticketing solutions

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