Lead Response Management in Under 5 minutes: Two Easy Ways

Anita Raghav

Oct 27, 2023 | 5 mins read

Every salesperson, online or offline knows the importance of contacting leads when they are hot. They know that support and reassurance during critical moments can clinch deals.  But we anyway put together some statistics to drive the point home:

Ok, so now that’s clear. But how can you ensure that your team contacts leads within this short 5 minute window? It’s easy. We use the right technology. Here are two simple solutions to choose from:

  • A famous study by the Professor Oldroyd (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows that just a five-minute delay in response, leads to a 10X drop in conversions.
  • Forrester Reports reveal that nearly 50% consumers think that a live person answering their questions during purchase —is the most important feature a brand can offer.
  • The Google Click-to-Call research studies across 3,000 respondents found that 61% think it’s very important to be able to call the business during each phase of decision-making.

Live Online Support with an Interactive Assistant.

5 minutes! Why keep a prospect waiting even that long? Ensure that your sales team can be contacted directly from your website. The Kookoo Interactive Assistant connects your sales or support teams directly to the website visitors.

  • You use the same contact center software that your sales team uses for making their outbound calls. Or that your support staff uses for taking inbound calls.   
  • Your Representatives can use live chat windows or voice channels (VOIP) to speak to the customer while they browse the site.
  • Complete CRM integration ensures that all leads data is captured and synced across systems automatically.
  • Reports let you access your staff performance.

Automate Lead forms.

Can’t be there for instant support? Ensure your representatives get notified as soon as a prospect fills out a lead form. Get a cloud contact center solution that integrates perfectly with your CRM solutions.

Interested in deploying either of these solutions to improve your sales? Contact us here for details.

  • Now every time a web form is filled, you can create a simple workflow to ensure that your sales representatives get notified instantly.
  • If the agent isn’t free, the notification passes on to the next agent in queue using round robin routing.

Ready to take control of your call transfer
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Anita Raghav

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