Is your call center ready for Black Friday?

Anita Raghav

Nov 29, 2023 | 5 mins read

Handle service spikes with ease.

The month of November officially kick-starts the holiday season. This year, thanks to the pandemic, people have been reaching out to customer support and online sales more frequently than ever before. Now with Black Friday around the corner, you can expect some serious traffic in and out of your call center.

Here’s what you can do to prepare for the rush and keep your teams’ spirits high.

Digital is the new black

It’s never too late to go omnichannel. With cloud contact center technology you can add on new channels to your phone channel in minutes. By doing this you can divert traffic to your digital channels, making your call center nearly three times more efficient. For instance, an agent can handle around three chats simultaneously in the same amount of time it takes to serve a single customer via calls.

Switching to an omnichannel experience also lets customers choose how, when, and how much they want to engage. It streamlines your agent responses and interactions with customers across platforms on a single dashboard. Your agents can get a unified view of your customer regardless of whether they use the phone, webchat, or your agents to see all information at once without delaying the customer experience.

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Bots can add a human touch

The more cases your team handles back-to-back, the less efficient (and patient) they become. Did you know that automating even a single query, can make your call center 10-12% more efficient?1

Deflecting mundane L1 queries to a chatbot will give your agents the bandwidth they need to handle calls that truly require their attention. By freeing your agents of repetitive tasks, you can focus on training them to be more humane in their responses, and even dedicate more time per call. In fact, our clients report a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by automating mundane inquiries.

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Never miss a call

Every missed call is a missed opportunity! More so, on Black Friday, when convenience and speed drive customer success (and sales!) Using simple measures like automated callbacks and voice mails go a long way in mitigating call queues while ensuring you never miss a customer call.

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Keep the team motivated

Seamless customer service is only as successful as the agent providing it. Training your agents on how to deal with potentially negative situations is key. This includes giving clear guidelines on when and how to escalate or to route to another specialized agent.

Empower your agents to take control and maintain it throughout an interaction, in a way that they deem fit.

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We hear a lot about seamless customer journeys, and this is considered a priority by most companies. This becomes especially important in periods of high activity like Black Friday when customers easily switch from one retailer to another. Convenience is the major factor that drives successful customer journeys this season. Make sure you focus on the same and survive the rush easily. Happy Black Friday!

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Anita Raghav

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